Mendocino Community Vaccine Awareness Symposium

399 N Main St.
9 – 4

Whether or not to vaccinate is probably the most momentous decision the parent will make in the life of the child. This event is for those who might be interested in the true science behind vaccines, and want to educate before they vaccinate. This is not an anti-vaccine rally, but a presentation of the actual science that everyone talks about but rarely cites.

9:00 – Mr Charles Acker – Opening Remarks

9:15 – Dr Tim O’Shea

    Fundamental Facts for Parents
    Why 69 Vaccines
    Science Vs Propaganda
    Actual Ingredients
    VAERS Injury Statistics
    Autism Detox Protocol

10:20 – Break

10: 30 – Robert Rowen MD

    Vaccine safety in the US,
    The legitimate science behind vaccines
    Track record of US children’s health

11:30 – Q & A

Noon: – Lunch

1:00 – Greg Glazer, Esq

    Legal options for the vaccine injured
    The nature of the adversarial injury claim
    Chances of recovery

1:50 Break

2: 00 – Dr Tim O’Shea

    The Vaccine Dialog
    Summary of California Laws SB18
    Exemptions today
    RFK and Vaccine Commission

3:00 – Del Bigtree

    Remarks on Vaxxed, the movie
    Update on Wm Thompson,
    RFK Coverup
    The ethics of Merck
    Medical Freedom in the US – where we’re headed

4:00 – Q & A

Having trouble geting straight answers on vaccines? This symposium is for you.

– An open discussion on vaccine safety, efficacy, and necessity
– actual VAERS statistics of vaccine injury in the US
– California vaccine laws compared to the rest of the world
– the scientific possibility of danger to your child
– vaccinated vs. unvaccinated – the real risks

Will be streamed live at

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