Fading Art Adjusting Seminar – Edinburgh Scotland – 3 Oct 2015

tim young

The Fading Art of Traditional Chiropractic Adjusting: A Hands-On Symposium

Norton House Hotel, Ingliston, near Edinburgh

Dr Tim O’Shea ………. Dr Tim Young

This is a hands on, step by step, detailed course on the fundamentals of moving bones. A great adjustment is accomplished fluidly and painlessly with speed, finesse, and confidence. Usually half of attendees are doctors and half are students. For the students, many were thrilled to have made their first actual adjustment, since so many are discouraged from doing so at school these days. For the doctors, they were happy to tune up their skills, and get new ideas in the pursuit of mastery of this elusive art.

We’re not interested in dazzling you with our own adjusting wizardry. The objective of this one day symposium is either entry level proficiency, or else advancement to an improved level of competence. Attendees will receive individual critiquing on all details of the masterful adjustment of bones: assessment, set-up, pre-stress, line of drive, delivery, etc.

    “Great to finally hear pure unadulterated chiropractic, to be reminded of the simplicity of its philosophy. Great passion, and stories!” – Dr Lance Z., Boulder
    “You and Tim Young are a gift to the profession.” – Dr Sara Kersten
    “…Learned some great material I can implement immediately… changed the course of my practice forever!”
    – Guy Coberly, DC, Loveland
    “I have learned more about adjusting today than in my entire time at Cleveland. Thanks a million!” – AB
    “Nothing like it anywhere. Completely hands on. Something you can’t get anywhere else. The whole seminar was fast-paced and fun. Refreshing to see it can truly be as simple as this. Well worth the time and money.”
    – DK
    “Both instructors were full of wisdom and knowhow. Loved learning all the things we don’t get in school. You guys will save the profession!” -JSM
    …”I learned more at this seminar than in all of school. Should do one of these seminars each tri…. Showed me why I wanted to be a chiropractor all over again.” – KC
    …”I’m a better doctor for having attended your Denver seminar… the inhalation of awe as students marvelled at the speed of a good adjustment.” – Dr BF
    “Wish it was a little longer – would definitely do it again. Make it 2 days. Glad of the video archive! Learned much more than I have in any technique class.” -TB
    “Good to see how actually to adjust and get hands on. …we don’t get this at school… thought both DCs were exceptional. Their passion was infectious. Great to have focused personal instruction like this.”

Traditional osseous adjusting is becoming rarer each year. If the student is not exposed to the essentials of adjusting before graduation, there may be limited opportunities afterward to see exactly how it’s done, up close and personal, by an experienced proficient. Many simply give up. Any art worth mastering requires suffering through our mistakes, and never giving up. This course will accelerate that learning curve exponentially. This is the fast track for those who know they can do it better, whether you just graduated or have practiced for 20 years. Success in this profession requires mastery of a specialized skill, unique to the chiropractic profession – our legacy for the past 100 years.

Tired of hearing people tell you what chiropractic is not? Here’s a course in what it is!

….. No core balancing ….. No shake and bake ….. No vendors ….. No toys or machines

To register: Morag Cairns at admin@sca-chiropractic.org

more info: www.thedoctorwithin.com ….. 9 am ….. dress down!