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Newsletter June 2016

June 12th, 2016

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Advanced Clinical Nutrition Seminar

Vaccine Lecture

Focus OKC – 29 July

Paris, France – 16 Sept

Wales UK – 22 Sept

Chiropractic Philosophy/ Technique

Wales UK – 23 Sept (. . scroll down for details)





6. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 4th ed.



Advanced Clinical Nutrition

    Alaska Glacier Cruise – 19 Aug

    Paris, France – 17 Sept


The recent weekend event at the San Jose Convention Center was a shock to many of the attendees . And more of a jolt to the few exhibitors who bought booth space, expecting some semblance of health consciousness or fitness in the general ambiance.

No such luck.

It was more of a mutant show, with every erroneous cliché about diet and exercise manifestly misrepresented in booth after booth, aisle after aisle. Reflected by the general physical condition of the most of crowd. Which was predominantly over-medicated, overfed and overdeveloped. FatExpo or Freak Expo would have been far more apt.

What is fitness? Simple definition is the full and unobstructed co-operation between all systems of the body, resulting in glowing health. That would include

    Total range of motion – Vertebral spine
    Total range of motion – Joints of extremities
    Normal weight
    Normal blood pressure
    Unobstructed capillary flow
    Normal to good muscle development
    Very good cardiovascular endurance
    Mental clarity

What brings fitness about? Another simple list:

    Regular daily exercise, less than extreme
    Natural diet of enzyme-rich, unprocessed foods
    No drugs or stimulants
    No smoking, coffee, steroids, or enhancements
    Cardiovascular regimen
    Normal sleep

Examples of true fitness were few and far between at this event. You saw almost no one who was truly fit walking around. Abundant and commonplace at every turn however, were specimens of physical limitation, overweight, with bizarre, disproportionate development of isolated muscle groups.

News alert: if your deltoids and pectorals are so apelike that you cannot raise your hand above your shoulder, or you walk with your arms hanging way out to the sides, that is not fitness. That’s a mutation of the human form – a de-selection.

If any muscle groups are so overtaxed that they are not relaxed when at rest, that is not fitness. If abdominals are so overstretched so as to force forward flexion when walking, that is not fitness.

If years have been spent learning to lift the weight of a car overhead, permanently damaging all the discs and ligaments of the spine, that is not fitness. All these are de-evolutionary, creating not fit humans, but circus curiosities.

The many booths offering “healthy” sport drinks and foods were similarly misrepresentative. Herbal speed, caffeine, Ephedra and Ma huang do not confer “energy.” Didn’t we demythologize all this back in the 80s? They’re really buying this again?

Same with the cookies, processed burritos, leaden muffins, etc heavy with hydrogenated oils. Flashy banners, but almost no nutritional background. A total of NONE of the food booths offered truly nutritious and digestible anything, or was the least bit contributory to lean muscle gain or optimal cardio performance.

The general awareness level of nutrition at the event was two full steps below even Safeway consciousness. A Cinnabon booth would have been mobbed.

The most overtly unhealthy aspect for the whole venue however, that hit you right in the face at every turn was the uniformly portly appearance of the majority of the FitExpo crowd, participants and exhibitors alike. It was an environment where you’d keep subconsciously repeating to yourself the differences between overweight and obesity. And wondering exactly where the adjective ‘morbid’ would come in.

Someone should enlighten some of the contestants that freakish sized muscles in one area do not excuse pendulant, muffinlike flab in the rest of the body. Shouldn’t clothes be selected to cover up those excesses, not display them? That’s what everyone is really thinking by the way, just FYI.

Sadly the young women were the among the worst offenders in this masquerade of true fitness. Way too many tacos and Big Macs for these exhibitionist dinner table athletes.

Maybe the truly fit young people were out running or bicycling that day and didn’t feel like paying $40 admission to mill around in an atmosphere of deafening soulless techno music, in a sparse crowd of people on anabolics and RedBull. The din from the battling sound stages was so loud that most of the exhibitors couldn’t converse with the people standing right in front of them. Nonstop.

In sum then, the overall tone for this bait –and –switch weekend was Darwin in reverse – an unsettling eyewitness indictment of the general direction health consciousness is headed for the next generation. The over-vaccinated are growing up; 80s children got 20 vaccines; 2000s kids got 60. Add to that pop dietary myths and lifestyle, and the oxymoronic ‘sports nutrition,’ and voila’ – the result is Fit Expo.

The FitExpo is one of life’s lessons most attendees certainly won’t have to learn again.



Many people over 30 can remember when there was no internet, no Ipads, no cell phones. Or at least when these devices did not dominate the daily lives of most people. Was life poorer then? Were we missing anything?

Back then it wasn’t an option to document every mundane event of daily life, rushing to Share every silly detail with the entire world. All that “extra’ time could be used for actual living. Could be, at least.

Since Political Correctness had yet to be defined, one advantage of the pre-linked age may have been a much wider range of thought and expression. People could actually react to a given situation without first checking with their programming to see how they were supposed to feel.

Remember that?

Not that we were all necessarily smarter and better educated back then. But the range of opinions and personalities was certainly broader, less homogeneous, less crafted by the incessant barrage from viewscreens everywhere, displaying the monodimensional pop narrative. Which has today become set in concrete as the One World mind.

Where did it come from? Who cast the mold?

The One World mind was no accident, but rather the result of decades of planning. Under the tutelage of Edward L Bernays, since 1910 the public relations industry evolved into the very sophisticated science of global media, steadily improving its consistency and exclusivity. ( The Doors of Perception [2].

In 1930 there were only 3 billion people on earth.

By 1974, 4 billion.

Today there are 7 billion.

All those minds need to be herded, right? So don’t these statistics indicate mathematically that the value of individual human life has dropped significantly? Axiomatic for the power elite. Bring on the vaccines and chemtrails.

It was inevitable that educational course content and curricula should be affected by the new One World monolith, with the gradual imposition of rigid controls.

What is their primary objective? Control. A leveling effect on children’s minds, to instill an identical view of history, geography, political correctness, party affiliation, academics, normal behavior, US hegemony, world literature, approved views on science and medicine, etc. The whole package of Orwellian flattening.

Anyone with an opinion that strays from the fold is branded a conspiracy theorist, racist, sexist, terrorist, homophobe, xenophobe, capitalist, extremist, etc. – pick one from the list of marginalizing labels provided by the One World monkeys. He’s Not Us.

Now the vehicle for introducing this philosophy into American schools is called Common Core.

It’s not even controversial that in the past 2 decades, children have been getting dumber and dumber academically, particularly in math, reading, and writing. By the 2000s, when the % of literate high school graduates was around 50%, the solution of the ‘educators’ was to lower the standards of the exit exam so that it looked as though kids were smarter than they actually were. Educators did this several times at the national level.

The stage for Common Core was then set: it was decided that we’re just expecting too much to ask that kids be able to read, write, and do math by the time they’re 18. Or know that there are 5 continents or that the Civil War was fought between the North and the South, or that the Bill of Rights even exists… Or the formula for the area of a parallelogram…

Since 2009 then, the glider-like downward trajectory of educational curricula has come to be codified and very clearly elaborated according to Common Core standards. This dismaying agenda is being unrelentingly forced on schools all across the country in an effort to homogenize and cap off not just the academic levels of school achievement, but kids’ values and attitudes as well.

Why? Big surprise: it’s about money. Obama’s handlers, along with Bill Gates’ foundation, have laid out over $4.3 billion in order to install Common Core as the educational standard in all US primary and secondary school systems. [1.]

Very simply, Common Core is the carrot-on-a-stick for any state that wants federal funding for education. Which is now 45 out of 50. In other words, if you states want our federal money, you have to agree to use Common Core academic standards and handbooks, in place of traditional textbooks and teaching methodologies. Exclusively.

We’ll pay you to worship at our altar. Just agree to participate in data mining and biowristbands for the kids, and whatever else we come up with. It’s easy.

Common Core is problematic by definition. To begin with, it’s illegal. Federal control of schools is against federal law:

USC § 1232a – Prohibition against Federal control of education

    “No provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system..”

Look at the textbooks and courses demanded by Common Core. Where are the liberal arts – US history, World history, classical history, geography, English composition, languages, trigonometry, science that is independent of CDC or the computer industry? These are college subjects of course, but traditionally there was at least an introduction to them in primary and secondary curricula. No more. No more You Can Be Anything You Want To Be. Now it’s – You Can Be Any of These 8 things…

Where do vaccines fit into this brave new agenda? Those few enlightened parents opting out of vaccines by Home Schooling may be hit with a double-edged sword:

    1. They were cheated out of education for their children, to which they were entitled from years of paying high taxes

    2. The advantages of Home School curricula, which generally soar above most public school education, are de-valued by the final tests home school graduates must pass, which are based on Common Core standards.

How does the next election factor into this dialog?

Parents may be surprised to find their home-schooled children suddenly in a far superior academic environment, learning at much higher levels than at public school. Yet when it comes time to take tests for their equivalent diplomas, those exams are restricted to Common Core protocols and course materials.

For this reason it, may be prudent to learn how the individual presidential candidates regard Common Core. How committed is each one to enforcing this radical new experiment in retrograde education. Leave No Child Behind, limit achievement to lowest common denominator, etc. Did we really choose this path?

Control of information extends far beyond the walls of our schools, of course. It oozes out of every screen you see, all day long, from smartphone to ipad to desktop TV screen – even at the gas pump. Consistent and inescapable.

We are becoming like monkeys and apes. Again. For lower primates, if they don’t see it, they don’t know about it.

Today we are all being tracked. Your responses, all your digital interaction, is recorded: the meta-science of Data Mining.

The myths and slogans and shortcuts to thinking that define average consciousness – most of them are reinforced and inculcated visually. On screens. All day, every day. Along with scripted, approved soundtracks. Hypnopedia. It would be fine if the objective were to be an introduction to the subject matter, which would motivate one to further investigation.

But what we have today is that the superficial soundbytes and 3 second clips have themselves BECOME the total content. Rational discourse, critical thinking, research below the surface, looking for independent sources, investigative journalism, thinking about a topic for more than 60 seconds – are not only rare, but trigger suspicion that we might have — a Doubter. Uh-oh, somebody asking questions. Red alert!

One arena where the one-dimensional collective conscious is clearly evident is the comedy channels. That’s right, comedy. Most contemporary comedians have no content to start with and just recite banal accounts of their recent adventures at a fast food restaurant, or in their backyard perhaps, with just enough bad language to make them seem ‘outrageous’ or ‘zany’… But listen to a few of them, one after the other, and notice how parochial, how identical their values, expressions, education, vocabulary, fear of being accused, how they’re all stamped from the same cookie cutter. No more Robin Williams or Bill Hicks or Sam Kinison coming down the pike any time soon, that’s for certain. Lowest end Common Core-approved comedy only, from here on out. The triumph of mediocrity.

Why is Google now among the top ten lobbies in Washington, spending some $350 million per year? For what? Influence. The right to influence. The power to keep One World views in the forefront of all education and media, and to marginalize anyone who strays from the fold on the proscribed list of enemies.

But always with lip service to free speech, open dialog, upholding science’s living mandate to follow the unvarnished data wherever it may lead…. Masterfully covering its tracks, the One World Mind erases all evidence of coercion to fit into the mold, pretending that anyone is welcome to join the open discussion.

Like the phony ‘open platform’ of Wikipedia, with its committees of invisible proofreaders behind the scenes, who guarantee that any discussion having the slightest bearing on corporate big money issues will not contaminate the pre-assigned point of view.

No legitimate teacher in any school accepts Wikipedia links as references for any research work whatsoever. Why? It’s the epitome of bias and op ed propaganda.

Google is worse. When they first started out, Google was subtle about directing quests for information. That was back in the days of the true Boolean search – remember those? When you could search for exact words and exclude others from the search, and it actually worked?

Today it’s hard to even find the Advanced Search option at all. What happened to it? Too risky. Too much chance that an original, spontaneous thought might emerge, without pre-authorization. Or that an unfiltered fact might be uncovered, at odds with the approved view. Today we’re going to give you a million pasteurized references to your searchword in .4 seconds, the top 5 being straight off wikipedia. And today’s search algorithm won’t even combine the keywords you typed in– any one of them is good enough. So the results come up in an almost random order, practically useless.

The finished work based on these random sources becomes increasingly pointless and ill-informed. The clueless writer started nowhere, had no particular premise, and ends up nowhere.

All this reinforces the declining intuition and cognition ubiquitous throughout the culture. No wonder movies are now made for the retarded by the inarticulate. Nothing else will sell. Vaxxed can’t make it into multiplexes, not because it isn’t authoritative enough, but because it requires a little analytical thinking that challenges the Common Core of what Everybody Believes. It’s a new idea. Makes you think about something you thought you’ve known the answer to all your life. No time for evaluation based on evidence.

Same with the Coen Brothers recent masterpiece Hail Caesar. It was too good to succeed. People want to see Adam Sandler or Jack Black make us even dumber.

So follow up. Some of you already know much more than this about Common Core and understand exactly what is being hinted at here. But for those of you who do not, let this be an invitation to investigate further the latest sinister betrayal of the human spirit, intellectual freedom, and the esthetics of literature: Common Core. A threat to the future of human intelligence, to the time when your kids will be your age.

“I am gross and perverted
I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
I have existed for years
But very little has changed
I’m the tool of the Government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can’t look away
I make you think I’m delicious
With the stuff that I say
I’m the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I’m the slime oozin’ out
From your TV set

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t go for help . no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

Well, I am the slime from your video …”
– composer Frank Zappa (now de-composing)
I Am The Slime


1. The Whole Story on Common Core

2. The Doors of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything



But what about all that sugar, they ask over and over, refusing to learn the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. Patiently explained in detail in the chapter Sugar – The Sweet Thief of Life. They’d rather believe canned wiki-myths than do 10 minutes research outside the knuckle-dragging websites that pretend people get diabetes from orange juice, ignoring the rest of their weekly intake.

Can’t expect to make progress without casting out your old illusions. Every time someone who is afraid of orange juice aggravating their diabetes is questioned about their lifestyle, they’ll admit to loads of sensitizing refined CHO allergenic food in their everyday diet. Like clockwork.

It’s about enzymes. And Minerals . And suspension in organic juice maximizing bioavailability at the cellular level. See chapter.

So if you want to get some of the dramatic results chronicled in the Collagen testimonials, take exactly as prescribed: two jars, 2 – 4 tablespoons per day, blended in juice, every single day till the jars are empty. That;’s what it takes to try collagen.

That’s what all those people did.




American Chiropractor retiring. Practice for sale.

Located in 4-star oceanfront hotel spa.

Very low overhead.

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20 new patients a week with our Wal-Mart spinal analysis – all the patients you can handle.

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Dr Hank



Met a patient in Ventura last week who’s been having almost constant lower neck pain for the past 6 months. She noticed it after an intense workout.

Tried “everything.” Right.

Adjusted her very easily and everything exploded into place. Immediate relief, never before experienced. You know the story.

Needed a follow up, of course, since I don’t live there. So 20 minutes away is the most saturated town in the world for DCs. Literally.

I know many docs in this area, but couldn’t remember having been adjusted by any of them. This patient needed a traditional osseous adjustment – light, quick, specific.

Took me a week of calling every DC in the area to find someone who would even try to attempt something as fundamental as this basic adjustment.

What are they putting out there in the field for $250K? What do the grads think their job is?

What’s the point of the story? That it only took a week to find someone who knew the word subluxation? In today’s clueless world, that’s not bad.

With the skill set and training of most of today’s DCs, looking for any reason not to adjust, what chance did this poor patient really have on her own? Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me where these skills are taught and where patients can find a traditional chiropractor who respects the legacy of the past century. Oh you know a guy? Alert the media.

These traditional principles of our Lost Art are the subject matter of the our UK workshops
coming up in England this Fall. More info here.

Two kinds of doctors might benefit from such an event.

First, recent graduates who were told that subluxation suddenly no longer exists because the schools forgot what it was since 2010, when they all signed an agreement defining subluxation as the common purpose of the profession. Now it’s the best kept secret in Europe.

Then they suddenly changed their mind somehow. It’s no longer OK to have the original insight and knowledge about chiropractic that has enabled the profession to survive for the past century.

So the new students are very confused. They know they should be learning to do something, but they don’t know what. They knew they should have learned some unique professional skill in school, but somehow they never got around to it. So now here they are in practice, out there practicing… what? Not sure.

Second, are the experienced DCs who by some twist of fate have discovered the power of the adjustment, and realize their place in the health professions, exactly what service chiropractors are supposed to be offering people. And they can adjust, some of them very well.

But the concept of mastery has occurred to them and they want to refine their adjusting skills, willing to go anywhere just to learn one more move or to make one little correction in a move they already know, or perhaps to have a new technique demonstrated.

The idea of hands-on in a technique seminar is an alien concept today. I have a friend who teaches technique in a California school who was fired for adjusting a student in class! Posology. Is that all you get for 4 years of your life these days? And all that money?

Come to Wales in September for a look at actual, day-to-day, clinical chiropractic adjusting that you’re going to start using the following Monday in your office!


7. Wondering about vaccines? The most reliable source for parents:

fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization



With all the attention on MMR vaccine because of the new movie Vaxxed, we tend to forget that there are many other problems with vaccines that are just as serious in themselves:

Some of the topics covered in the new edition:

    – the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
    – why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
    – what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
    – the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
    – evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
    – reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
    – motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
    – the science behind individual vaccines

    – much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.


Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, fourth edition:

“In the 1970s, herpes simplex virus was proposed as a possible cause, but that hypothesis was soon abandoned after epidemiological studies proved inconclusive. In the 1980s the next candidate suggested as the missing link was human papilloma virus. [285]

Before we continue, a word here about epidemiological studies.


also called population studies, are the poor cousin of true clinical trials. They are not controlled studies done under set scientific conditions, but rather attempts at verifying a hypothesis by counting the incidence of a certain disease within a certain population. The problem is that results from epidemiological studies are subject to widespread interpretation, depending on who’s doing the counting, who decides the criteria for what gets counted, who publishes the results, etc. For this reason, epidemiological studies can be used to prove two opposite hypotheses. Simply put,

“Epidemiological studies are intrinsically unable to uncover causal mechanisms” [61, Deth]

In the exploding vaccine industry today, epidemiological studies are quickly becoming the standard to validate our need for more vaccines, because they’re faster, cheaper, and capable of supporting practically any required outcome.

So once herpes was ruled out, the new population studies then proposed human papilloma virus as a cause of cervical cancer, since that vaccine was in development.

The first problem is that there are over 100 strains of HPV, only a few of which are even theoretically linked with cervical cancer. [260] In addition, HPV is present in at least half the normal population, (CDC) [260] almost never causing any disease or problems whatsoever. Indeed, HPV has never been conclusively proven as the sole pathogen for any disease….”


“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young

Vaccination Is Not Immunization

(915) 307-1055

Order Book

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Hydrolyzed Collagen

October 21st, 2009

Read these stories from real people, just like you:

Collagen chapter follows.


Hey Dr T!

Thanks to your Hydrolyzed Collagen I cancelled my hip replacement surgery.

Here’s what happened: I had severe degenerative arthritis, according to my doctor, and the X-rays. The hip socket was bone on bone – you could see it clearly. It got to the point where I was in almost constant pain and had to use a cane to walk. I had to be on 2 pain killers a day, including Diclofenec, which can cause stroke and heart attack – – but otherwise I just couldn’t function. I started taking your collagen twice a day, blended in juice, just like the label says. After 2 months I was much better – after 3 months I had no pain at all! I can walk now, go swimming and do normal activities. So glad I found this solution and skipped the surgery. Thank you!

Indiana Gary


Hi Doctor Tim,

Was glad to have stumbled upon your site and took a chance to purchase your collagen.
All my life, I had been an avid soccer player, and 8 years back I had to call it quits as both my knees were wobblY. I suffered from acute stabs of pain in my left knee whenever I suddenly changed direction.
I had an MRI done and the orthopedic doctor asked if I would like to consider microfracturing to try to regrow some worn knee tissues. All it cost was around USD $15K or so per knee!
That was only in June this year before I ordered my Collagen from you which arrived in early July.
Now, I am actually playing soccer again!! – for 2 teams whose average age is around 35. I am 52 and am proud to say that my team mates appreciate my high work rate.
Thanks Tim
Philip Wen


I had major degenerative changes in the cervical spine – discs gone C4-T1, both knees bone on bone, both the hips – bone on bone at acetabula, discs gone at L4 and L5. This was after a lifetime of sports including martial arts, marathons, etc. I was reduced to a wheelchair for more than a year, in constant pain. I could walk at home, but very slowly, and was bent forward at a 30 degree angle.

Then I learned about the Hydrolyzed Collagen from Dr O’Shea’s seminar I attended. After a month or 2, I quit the wheel chair for a walker, then went to a cane, and finally returned to unassisted walking. But the most amazing finding was getting new X-rays after a year of taking the collagen 2x a day: the discs had returned in both the neck and low back, and the menisci in both knees had returned! Also the hips, though still close up against the acetabula, were significantly improved. I had far less pain than before, allowing me to walk. The doctor said the new X-rays looked like that of a 30 year old. (I’ve been in practice that long)
What really turned it around for me was when I upped the daily dose to 3 tablespoons 2x a day. I could just feel my strength and mobility return. I feel very fortunate having discovered this Hydrolyzed Collagen. Without it I would certainly have been in the land of the tall trees
by now.
– Dr S. Bosshuf, Santa Barbara

Dr. O’Shea – you have another winner with this new Collagen supplement! It is definitely on my top five supplement list. The list of side benefits are amazing. The weight loss my wife has experienced was an unexpected bonus. Scars disappearing, hair and nails thickening, better sleep, etc. I and my family will be taking this for life in addition to the other fine cutting edge supplements you recommend. It’s so nice to know someone who has done the research and sells the “real deal” and that I’m no longer wasting my money trying to find the right supplements in the health food jungle.
– Martin Runik, Cameron Park CA

Dear Dr O’Shea,
I had a emergency liver transplant in 2009, after a severe liver infection. The drs. said I wouldn’t make it and my family was told to say goodbye. By the grace of God and the Cleveland Clinic I survived. But, as a result of the trauma, medically induced coma, and a long hospital stay I came out with neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I woke up with severe body pain all over, in my joints, and been loaded with so many toxins they didn’t function well.

My hairdresser sells the collagen at her salon and recommended I try it. I was at a point I could barely walk when I woke up because of hip pain.

After trying your collagen powder for just one night. I woke up with NO HIP PAIN what so ever. After taking it for a couple weeks by body all over body pain is now finally gone!
I also had tried the WEN hair products and lost a lot of hair as a result. Nothing was helping me grow it back but your powder. I can feel new growth !!

Now I hop out of bed and feel like I did when I was 30 and am now 48yrs old. HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life in every way and I don’t have to take pain meds. Prescribed by dr.
Michele Manco
Cleveland, OH

Hydrolyzed collagen for my dog?

Wouldn’t have guessed it but thank you for this wonderful product.
Our 13 year old retriever has been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer for some time. As a result, she developed an abscess in her leg that was resistant to all antibiotics, for months. It was very painful and caused her to limp.

In desperation one night she chewed her leg all the way down to the bone to get at the abscess. She actually got most of it but by that time there was a huge hole where the skin and muscle had been chewed away. The wound would not close, became infected, and was not getting better. The vet couldn’t help at all. This was when we started adding Hydrolyzed Collagen to her food. There was an immediate improvement– you could see it – the wound began to close. With no drugs, she got better and better until after two months of collagen, her leg is completely healed . I wouldn’t have believed t if I hadn’t seen it happen right before my eyes.

Thank you for this great product!!

– Dr Susan
San Jose


This hydrolyzed collagen is unbelievable. I thought there was no hope!

I have had low back pain for 6 years, worsening every year. A chiropractor I went to was no help. Waking up at night with pain, I even had to stop exercising. It was getting so bad I had to pick up my legs with my hands to get in the car. I began limping, and walked in a stooped over posture, all the time.
Finally one month ago someone told me about collagen. After 5 days taking it, I could walk straight again. After 2 weeks the pain was over 50% gone, and I began trusting my right leg to bear my weight for the first time in 2 years.
Now it’s been one month and the back pain is completely gone, except for occasional twinges. Medicine had nothing for me, except experimental surgery. My life was going down down down. How I ever found out about collagen, I am beyond thankful!
Cheryl Johnston

I have been taking collagen for almost 4 years now. I originally had chronic joint pain of the knees and hands for about 10 years. Nothing helped except for glucosamine, and that was only a little. Nothing appeared like a cure until I began taking Hydrolyzed Collagen regularly. Soon I could exercise normally – no pain. This collagen definitely cured me of joint pain. I found a winning ticket and I will continue to take it. HC for the rest of my life because of everything it does.
Thank you!
– A. French, Bay Area


For years I have been a competition water skier, specializing in slalom skiing. I had learned to replace my low-end generic protein powders a couple of years ago with Hydrolyzed Collagen, introduced to me by Dr O’Shea. It always worked extremely well to build lean muscle and also for quick healing of minor injuries and strains in three days or less. So much better than all those other standard health club powders.

I never thought I would have to put collagen to the test however until I had a freak accident that cost me my biceps. I was skiing with a very short line and started to fall. As my hand hit the water, the rope handle popped out of my hand, and in a split second the boat snapped the handle away, which went up my arm, right into my biceps, severing it in half crossways, with the tendons still attached. The pain was unimaginable.
I was most unfortunate then to go first to an orthopedist who delayed treatment due to misdiagnosis of the type of injury. By the time I had found a competent surgeon, my arm was in a pre-gangrenous state. That surgeon did the surgery the next day, removed all that was left of the biceps and insertions, leaving me minus one biceps. I began rehabbing a week later with range of motion exercise, and doubling the collagen dose. After just 3 weeks of rehab I could straighten my arm all the way.
I continued the regimen, and after a few months was able to resume virtually all my sports activities again, including water skiing. Although I no longer perform at the intense competitive level, my recovery has been dramatic. I am able to do almost everything I had done before the injury, with compensatory development of collateral musculature, resulting from the constant rehab exercises and collagen. I am very glad I discovered this very simple and effective collagen product; I just wish I didn’t have to test it to this extent!

J. Thielman
Lake Tahoe

Dear Dr,
Can you send another consignment of Collagen ?
However while reading through your testimonials I noticed the advice you gave to a couple of people about a loading dose – so for a low back pain I had been experiencing I doubled the dose, as you advised, and literally the next day my back had improved. The day after that I was 100% better.
Couldn’t believe it. Great Stuff. Many thanks.
Kind Regards,
T. O’Kelly

Greg White, 60 years old, Santa Paula, CA

Two years ago, Mr. White was taking morphine and Vicodin multiple times a day. His original injury had been mishandled by Worker’s Compensation, – four failed back surgeries, and his medical doctors were trying to convince him to go for a fifth.
For some 31 years Mr. White has been a patient of Dr. Alice Nelson of Santa Barbara CA. He had been coming in for adjustments every six weeks or so. After a nutritional seminar with Dr. Tim O’Shea, Dr. Nelson thought a trial of collagen for Mr. White would be worthwhile.
He no longer looks like the man we knew 2 years ago. That man had severe muscle wasting, and was by his own admission, a drug addict to those pharmaceutical drugs he was taking. The man we see now has regained much of his musculature and is completely free of all prescription pain medications.
How did Mr. White get to this point? In his own words:

“I started taking the collagen about a year ago (June 25), . The collagen calls me. I listen to my body. I take it every day, once in the morning, and again in the afternoon. I don’t forget, it’s food to me. It’s what my body wants. I like to think I can trust what my body says, now.
[When under medical care] I was doing what I was told, and it was killing me, slowly. Nobody saw anything wrong with that. Ignorance isn’t bliss!
I asked if his medical doctors wanted to know why he is so much better.
I don’t think so. They were angry I didn’t want to continue with the morphine. They lost money, I think that was it.
With regard to taking collagen:
It’s easy. If you take the collagen once or twice a day for a couple of weeks you’ll know there is a difference. Your fingernail clippers don’t work as well… If it helps my fingernails, I’m thinkin’… what else is it doing all over my body? …THIS is modern medicine. Making people better. I’m a better person with less pain. And, I’m clearer now. No more fog in the head.”

Mr. White told his surgeon that he’s saving about one thousand dollars a month in prescriptions.

“Collagen unlike pharmaceuticals is not poison, it’s GOOD. If you’re paying attention at all, you will quickly notice improvement – little bit by little bit – until you say wow! This stuff is amazing!

I wouldn’t let them do a lumbar fusion – and they fought me, hard – …I don’t know why they [the medical doctors] didn’t get on the phone and call you guys. Why didn’t they want to know what’s so different about the collagen, and chiropractic? Where is “here, have some more morphine” in the Hippocratic Oath?

In the dark of the night, there’s only one person there… and until you call for help, you’re alone. …If you don’t think there’s hope, there isn’t hope.”

Dr T:
Having initially started on the collagen for kidney degeneration (blood tests every 6 months) 8 months into the collagen I herniated a lower back disc and began treating with inversion – which has definitely helped. I have confirmed cervical spondylitis aggravated by torn rotator cuff muscles in both shoulders which never seemed to heal completely.

I have been taking the collagen one time a day – 2 tablespoons – for several months, and I can see no obvious benefit. I exercise but invariably arthritis kicks in and I have to ease up.
At 61 I seem to be suffering from steady degeneration thanks to a very hardworking life – complicated by massive stress. Always lived a healthy life on all fronts. I see much sense in your approach – and humour.
Am I expecting miracles from the small ration of collagen? is it worth continuing?
Many thanks for your consideration, it is much appreciated.

from ……
the Yukon

[Dr T]:
THAT’S EASY- no loading dose. someone with as stressful a life as you is causing destruction faster than your tissues can be repaired.
not unlike a basketball player with a sprained ankle who thinks it’ll heal if he keeps playing. In your extremely traumatic lifestyle, — you must start out with a loading dose–which you’ve never done– which would be 3 tblsp twice a day.

what you’ve been doing is barely enough to keep pace with the rate of declining collagen production that accompanies aging– to reverse a degenerative trend you have to tip the balance in favor of abundant availability– to give the body all it needs to maintain tissue integrity and at the same time repair tissue damage–

i thought this was explained in the chapter on hydrolyzed collagen, but maybe it wasn’t clear enough– so the answer is — double or triple your intake — not forever but at least for 2 or 3 jars until you reverse the trend more toward healing instead of progressive degeneration.
and take a break– ! life is short enough!
dr t

thought you might be interested that your collagen is turning my grey hair back to its original color of dark brown.
– dr steve

Hello, my name is Don. I ordered your Collagen about 2 weeks ago and am amazed of how well it works. I’m a 41 year old bodybuilder/MMA training & bootcamp participant. My shoulder presses are on the heavy side and i was having problems with my left shoulder for months….now it went away….cannot believe it. I have a question about this product, i noticed that my erections are better and semen volume has risen….no complaints here, but just wondering if this stimulates HGH levels or something? my email is

After attending Dr O’Shea’s nutrition seminar I have been using the 60 Day Detox in my practice.
Recently I was working with a patient, a 50 year old construction worker who had a swollen and arthritic knee for years. Painkillers and antibiotics couldn’t touch it. Recently he had a severe flareup and had great difficulty walking.
He started taking Dr O’Shea’s collagen, and after one week was 80% recovered. In 3 weeks he was 90% cured.
His wife is a nurse and doesn’t believe in anything holistic. But after seeing these results with the husband, decided to try the collagen for the rheumatoid arthritis in her fingers that had been worsening for years. After 2 weeks, her hands were 80% recovered.
I don’t know what this collagen is, but my patients are amazed.
– Dr Yaniv Farbenbloom, Los Angeles


During the past decade, Hydrolyzed Collagen has become very much in demand, going out all over the world. For best absorption, the label recommends that the collagen powder be blended in juice. Thousands of people seem to have achieved best results following this advice.

Occasionally someone will express concern about taking in too much sugar when using juice for the blend. “I can’t take the sugar” is what they always say.

Here are a few reasons why such concerns are groundless:

    1. Any fruit or vegetable juice can be used, including celery juice, cucumber juice, cabbage, kale, or any other juice.

    2. Orange juice is the most popular, being the most common breakfast beverage.

Whatever juice you choose, we’re talking about 100% pure of course, no concentrates, nothing added, organic if possible.

Now fructose is the natural fruit sugar in juices. If pure, the juice will contain within it all the vitamins and enzymes necessary for its complete breakdown into its simplest carbohydrate components. That’s called digestion.

This metabolic process will not cause undue stress, abnormal insulin spiking, overtaxing the pancreas or any other adverse effect in the healthy individual. No matter what you might read on google-pedia.

Blood glucose will always be temporarily elevated following a meal that includes carbohydrates. That is a necessary sign of the digestive process. But it soon returns to normal levels between meals. Pure natural juices are not a cause of diabetes in today’s world. Just visit any supermarket and look down the double aisle of Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, beer, etc. and see the real cause.

How much of that is in your kitchen?

You can actually mix the collagen powder in anything you want, and daily intake will eventually have a beneficial effect. The loading dose. But we have noticed over and over that pure organic juice seems to work best, for 2 likely reasons:

    1. It is suspended in a most easily absorbable medium

    2. whole food Vitamin C is an important co-factor in initiating the conversion of hydrolyzed collagen supplement into the body’s own new collagen.

So, yes you can dissolve the Hydrolyzed Collagen in water or applesauce or milk, or sprinkle it over oatmeal – or mix it into any wholesome food – all of that works. Except for coffee of course – which is a non food – no nutrient value, and will dilute the value of this excellent supplement. (Yes, yes, I read that too – it’s nonsense. )

But for optimum results, most people just use the best organic fruit or vegetable juice they can find. That’s what most of those dramatic success stories in the Feedback section did.
So just forget about any imaginary issues about too much sugar, etc. Fruit juice is not the reason why almost 30% of the US population is diabetic!

It would be intriguing to be able to look into the refrigerators and kitchen cupboards of some of these callers who are so worried about the ‘sugar’ in organic orange juice. Of course we’d find absolutely no Coke, soft drinks, cookies, donuts, liquor, beer, wine, cakes, pies, candy, chocolate, etc, just lying around…

I know, right? So please stop calling with this question! If you just spent the money, keep reading:


A polypeptide molecule, collagen is a protein in our bodies. In fact, collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, making up about 30% of our total protein.

Proteins are made of amino acids, such as glycine, proline, arginine, hydroxyproline, which are amino acids that exist in collagen in varying proportions, depending upon the source. As the largest protein in the body, collagen is a chain of over 1500 amino acids.

Collagen is the connective tissue for almost all our structures, including

heart……………lungs……….arteries………discs……….blood cells
other organs……hair…………joints………..nails…………prostate

As we age, collagen production drops way off, and any of these systems can be affected. Most common example of collagen decrease: the floorward tendency of our skin and muscles as we age, which doctors call ptosis.

In the organs, decreased collagen causes instability and weakness. Organs like the heart and prostate may enlarge; other organs just get flimsier and weaker. For this type of degenerative problem, drugs simply don’t work.

Why does collagen production decrease? Hormonal changes, drugs, alcohol, processed food, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, overwork, radiation, fluoridated water, excess sun, nutritional deficits, dehydration, stress, trauma.


What else happens as collagen production decreases? Muscles and skin sag. The bones lose density. The joints and ligaments become weaker and less elastic. Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker at the joints it is supposed to cushion. Hair loses its wave or curl or thickness. Organs may sag toward the floor (prolapse), and may malfunction. The lungs turn to paper. The heart weakens and enlarges. The liver and prostate may weaken and enlarge. The arteries weaken and are less able to resist plaque formation. Also they are more likely to develop a break in one of their 3 layers (aneurysm). The skin becomes thinner and it wrinkles.

Ever notice that kids never lick their fingers for friction when thumbing through the pages of a book – only adults do? Collagen breakdown. Ever notice that plastic surgeons often own large houses overlooking the ocean? Collagen breakdown.


Normal digestion breaks down protein into peptides and amino acids, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

For the collagen protein found in foods and most supplements to be utilized by the body, it must first be broken down many times by the digestive system, and then absorbed through the intestine into the blood in the precise form needed. It’s then reassembled into your collagen at the proper site. Protein digestion of dietary collagen is often incomplete, resulting in some very large peptide chains. These long molecules are not well utilized in the body’s efforts to keep up with the declining production.

This is why eating beef, for example. in order to gain muscle mass is an inefficient and metabolically expensive process.


With high end collagen supplements, the protein breakdown is already done, resulting in a more uniform result: usable small chain peptides and amino acids, ready to go. Hydrolyzed collagen radically increases the amount of usable protein in the diet.

Highest quality hydrolyzed collagen supplements are made from cattle hides. All mammalian collagen is structurally identical: including bovine and human. The cattle skin’s outer layer is split from the inner layer. The outer layer is used in the leather industry. The inner layer provides the raw material for a highly technical, multi-step process whose final result is Hydrolyzed Collagen.

This Hydrolyzed Collagen is sourced from grass fed beef, although that’s more a consideration for food products than forsupplementation.

The raw unprocessed collagen contains all essential human amino acids except tryptophan, including

    Glutamic acid
    Aspartic acid

Tryptophan is unnecesary to make structural collagen in mammals.[17]

For 100 years, other companies have been using the inner split to manufacture gelatin. Gelatin has been used for decades in the food industry as a thickening, emulsifying, and jelling agent. Examples: marshmallows, candies, health bars, jello, custards, fillings, canning, etc.
There is even a grade of gelatin that is actually used in hospitals as a blood plasma substitute. So we might imagine the strict QC standards for sterility and cleanliness in place in producing collagen of this quality.

High end hydrolyzed collagen as a food supplement came about later on, but does not come from gelatin. Scientists learned to bypass that step and to break the raw material’s long chain triple helix protein into shorter pieces, and then to separate the 3 helices from each other. The resulting short individual peptides make up hydrolyzed collagen.

Cleaving peptides into sections is known as hydrolysis.


We saw that one determinant of Hydrolyzed Collagen’s ultimate quality is molecular weight, or size of the finished molecules. The unit of molecular weight is the dalton. The molecular weight of a batch of collagen, although expressed as a single number in daltons, is actually an average size within a range.

Commercial collagens sold as food supplements today can run from 10,000 daltons up to more than 50,000 daltons, depending upon processing. The average is near 45,000. For optimum bioavailability, or uptake at the cellular level, small is better. The lower the number of daltons, the smaller the molecule, the greater the bioavailability.

Below 2000 daltons there would be too many free amino acids, which would give the collagen a very harsh taste. At 3000 daltons, hydrolyzed collagen gives a neutral taste – actually no taste when mixed with fruit juice. This is the optimum molecular size for the best repair usefulness by the body.

Bioavailability is a prime criterion in evaluating any supplement, not just collagen: how much of the supplement actually gets absorbed at the cellular level. Bioavailability is expressed as a percentage, the higher the better, meaning that the greatest percentage of the supplement actually enters the body’s cells.

The 3000 dalton range is more than 15x better than most. Its bioavailability approaches 90%, digested and absorbed [ 2, Asghar] Other studies showed 95% bioavailability by radio-assay testing. [3, Oesser]

By contrast, most health supplements sold in mall stores have very cheap ingredients, which result in very low bioavailability, perhaps in the area of 5% or even less. Many pills, as in most of the multi products, do not even dissolve at all and pass through the body intact. That would obviously be about a 0% bioavailability.


Hydrolyzed Collagen comes in a big jar: 1.1 lbs.

Dosage varies from 2 – 6 tablespoons per day, blended in juice.

How much should you take?

Acute conditions, injuries, arthritis, etc : 3 tablespoons twice a day, blended in juice.

Maintenance dose, or detox program: 2 tablespoons per day, blended in juice. May be done 2x per day if needed.

This is not a pharmaceutical – precise amounts are not critical. You could probably take a whole jar in one day with no adverse effects. But that would be wasteful. Maximum absorbed amount would be in the vicinity of 6 tablespoons per day, for most adults.

More important is the concept of LOADING DOSE. That means in order to really give this supplement a fair try, you have to take it every single day, until you go through 2 full jars. Don’t miss a day or you’re wasting money! Loading dose. Only then will you be able to say you really gave it a try. All the remarkable stories you can read in the Feedback section did just that.

Why blended in juice? Much better absorption if the collagen is suspended, we found out. Therefore better results. Any kind of fruit or vegetable juice – organic is better of course, no concentrates, sugar, or other additives.


People call all the time and want to know if it’s Type I or Type II. This indicates 3 things:

    1. They ‘re at the very beginning of an understanding of collagen
    2. They skimmed some superficial articles off google/wiki or one of the low-end collagen sites.
    3. They never read this chapter.

There’s a short answer and a long answer to this question.

Short answer: it’s both, but Type is a non-issue and not relevant to rebuilding human structures. Type I and Type II are 95% identical. It’s the wrong question for the new shopper. They really should be asking about things like sources and bioavailability, which do vary widely within the industry.

Long answer: (OK to skip this unless you have some college science)

When we’re talking about types, you have to specify, are you talking about the supplement, or the type of tissue you’re trying to strengthen in your own body? There are at least 16 types of collagen in the mammalian body, but most of it is Types 1, 2, and 3.

With our Hydrolyzed Collagen, the source is primarily bovine Type 1. Grass fed, of course, no hormones, antibiotics, etc. But because of its small molecular weight, this collagen can repair many different types of tissues within the body, and all the structural tissues.

So, stop reading the contradictory overintellectualized ‘science’ papers trying to figure what’s best by Type, and look at the dozens of stories on the Testimonials page of real patients with real problems – from cancelling joint replacement surgery – to chronic arthritis, prostate, and much more—

Don’t miss your chance to see if this is the missing piece of the puzzle in your health picture.

Want to get more technical?

TYPE I triple helix:

    2 ALPHA
    1 BETA

The 2 Alpha helices are identical. The beta helix is only 7% different.



Therefore the 2 Types are over 95% identical, with only a very few peptides different.

This is why asking “is the supplement Type I or Type II/” is irrelevant, because after hydrolysis, at 3000 daltons average size, there’s no way to tell which type any one peptide came from.


You’re not gonna like this, ladies, but men’s skin is more resistant to aging than women’s. It’s a physiological fact, and it’s incontrovertible.

Why? The short answer is that for the structural advantage for stretchability of the skin, selected for in childbearing, throughout aeons of mammalian evolution, there’s a downside.

Male dermis has a beneficial structural cross linking, a consequence of male hormones. Selected for by hunting activities, as genetic anthropologists will tell you.

Women’s skin lacks this inborn cross linking, because the lines of skin collagen are formed primarily almost perpendicular from the surface of the skin. Straight in. The result is slightly thinner skin, but extremely more elastic.[17]

This is why those little Chinese gymnast children you see at Cirque de Soleil are never boys. They’re always little girls – extraordinarily elastic. Later on, in the childbearing years, this characteristic comes in very useful, which still applies even to women who give birth in their late 40s. It’s hormonal, directly related to the XX chromosome.

Too bad but consequently women are prone to the ‘orange peel’ look of the skin’ As the dermis becomes thinner, and fat cells increase, the thin dermis may mold around the bumpy fat cells underneath, giving the classic orange peel look.

This is why women are often willing to rush off to any plastic surgeon who promises to tighten things up a little. It can sometimes help. But there’s a much less expensive, noninvasive first resort: Hydrolyzed Collagen.


You’ll read this on the label – do not take any other protein powders when you are taking this supplement. Why not? Simple. Our whole philosophy is that we want patients to be taking the least number of supplements possible, spending the least amount of money on supplements, but still giving the cells everything they need for optimum cell nutrition and detoxification. Nutrition and detox are only valid if they’re addressed to the cellular level.

This collagen product has proven conclusively for years that it actually delivers what other protein powders claim: rebuilding bones, muscle, arteries, organs, etc – all the structures listed in the paragraphs above. If you’re taking several protein supplements, how would you know what does what?

This is probably the most commonly asked question that people call in with – why no other protein powders? Well, this is why. So don’t call. Just try it!


Bringing the raw split all the way to the best finished hydrolyzed collagen is a very expensive and complicated process involving huge tanks and equipment, many of which are some 4 stories high.

Here is a summary of the major steps, again for the technically minded:

1. Washing

First there is a very thorough washing process to remove large impurities from the raw split.

2. Hydrolysis to 3000 daltons

The best method for hydrolysis of the raw split uses a proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes. Without heat and acids, the bio-compatible integrity of the finished molecules will be guaranteed.

The best companies skip the gelatin phase, and hydrolyze raw material directly from the split.

3. Microfiltration

Next: microfiltration at 80C to remove small particulate contaminants

4. Deionization, for purity.

All foreign molecules and salts are removed via cationic and anionic ionization

5. Concentration

A proprietary process next brings the 5% protein concentration of the raw split up to the necessary 15% protein concentration.

6. Sterilization

The material is sterilized at 140 degrees C for 3 seconds.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide perfusion

The material is stored in giant vats for 3 days in an H2O2 solution and then tested again for microbes. Virtually never are any found by this stage.

8. Spray drying

This step is done in huge stainless steel vats several stories high, with powerful blowers. A completely sterile process, it takes over 8 hours. Spray drying at 80 ° removes H2O2 and enzyme residue.

9. Metal detection

Last step. The hydrolyzed collagen is blown through a metal detector for any possible heavy metal contamination. They never find anything of course, after all this hydrolysis and sterilization, but they always want to err on the side of purity.

After that, the material is bagged, in a final very sterile process and placed on pallets for shipping.

Very few companies go to all this trouble to get these smallest, purest peptides, so effective at building lean muscle, rebuilding damaged joints and providing for the other collagen deficiencies listed below.

Taken long-term, it is practically impossible not to benefit from such a supplement, even if there is some serious underlying pathology. Once the body is provided with usable building blocks for new collagen, often for the first time, most systems can show dramatic improvement:

    lean muscle gain
    muscle tone
    skin toning and thickening
    joint rebuilding
    arterial strengthening
    thickening hair and nails
    increased energy from musculoskeletal surcharge
    organ rebuilding: heart, prostate, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, etc

Other chronic problems that can dramatically improve include:

    high blood pressure
    arthritis in joints
    bladder weakness
    chronic fatigue
    shallow breathing
    autoimmune situations
    skin problems
    splitting nails

Impossible? Why have we heard so little about the fantastic effects of collagen? Well just think – if a natural food supplement 100% clean, with no side effects could actually have powerful therapeutic effects on any system dependent on collagen, who would study that? Who would publish the results? University research labs funded by the drug companies? Would you hear about it on our Fake News?

Actually, legitimate studies have recently been conducted, and the results are overwhelming. See References.


As we’ve seen, skin is made of collagen. As we age, collagen production drops off and skin sags because it gets thinner, weaker, drier, and less resilient, less pliable. This deterioration is directly linked to amino acid content.

Specific amino acids in the skin’s structure, like glycine, proline, hydroproline, and alanine – decrease with age and bad diet.

Since Hydrolyzed Collagen contains most essential amino acids, it is not surprising then that third party clinical studies have clearly demonstrated significant skin improvement by taking it daily.

A 2008 study in Tokyo [14] of 33 women ages 40-60 who took 10 g of Hydrolyzed Collagen daily for 2 months showed a 91% increase in skin hydration and resilience.

A Dermiscan study in Lyon, France in 2008 showed similar findings in an age group of 35-55: an increase in skin smoothness and hydration, using the new Corneometer and Skin Image Analyzer technologies. [15, 16]

After 12 weeks of 10g Hydrolyzed Collagen daily, 41% less furrowing, less wrinkles, more resilient, more hydrated. Skin resilience was measured by the C&Z Cutometer, which is objective and state of the art.

Other scientists have shown exactly how the new collagen is rebuilt, not only in the skin, but in bones and ligaments. Metabolites of Hydrolyzed Collagen build bone, skin and ligaments by attracting fibroblasts. This is how they trigger the synthesis of new collagen. ([5] Posstlethwaite)

Hydrolyzed Collagen also increases the diameter of collagen fibrils in the dermis by the same mechanism: fibroblast stimulation. This in turn increases cohesion of the dermal collagen fibers themselves, which is a true anti-aging step. In the skin, this action means increased thickness, suppleness and resilience, as well as hydration.

Hydration, or water content of skin tissue, is proven directly related to overall smoothness and decreased furrowing and wrinkling. ([9] Sumida)


Global awareness of the value of hydrolyzed collagen is skyrocketing across the world today at more than 10% per year, in several applications. In Japan and China the most popular area of increased awareness of hydrolyzed collagen is in anti-aging cosmetics, specifically for skin rebuilding, and for hair and nails. Japan is already a huge market for hydrolyzed collagen, and their demand is increasing about 3% per year.

In China it’s a newer discovery, and that demand is increasing at a rate close to 100% per year. The effective cosmetic uses of hydrolyzed collagen as employed in Asia are now well documented by many clinical studies we will cite.

In Europe, where hydrolyzed collagen is certainly very important for cosmetics, the #1 application is in the area of bone health. Elderly folks, especially women, are acutely aware of the epidemic levels of osteoporosis in their demographic. The unfortunate truth is that most of the standard osteoporosis information, furnished by the pharmaceutical industry to promote drugs and calcium supplements, is incorrect. Many of the drugs, like Fosamax, are not only dangerous, but they actually harm the bones in the long run, making them to dense, weaker and brittle as marble.

But Europeans have known for years that hydrolyzed collagen, as a natural product, can deliver the promised improvement to bone health with none of the documented side effects of drugs. That’s one reason demand for hydrolyzed collagen is increasing at about 5% per year in Europe.

In the US and in South America, the demand for hydrolyzed collagen is increasing by about 20% per year, for these same effects: improvements in skin, hair and nails as well as bone re-mineralization.

The increased global demand for hydrolyzed collagen has brought with it some new dangers, of course. Newcomers to the collagen industry, with little experience in processing traditions, seeing the glittering new market, take many production shortcuts, and focus instead on making extravagant claims.


In 2005 the World Health Organization said that 41% of Americans were obese. Think it’s gone up or down since then? Different sources, different figures, but just look around. Obesity is a Body Mass Index over 30. Overweight is a BMI over 25, so easily more than half the population is overweight, at least 60%.

Obesity happens with a high ratio of energy-dense and indigestible foods compared with body’s energy used. What we don’t need is stored as fat.

It has been known for 25 years that Hydrolyzed Collagen has a very satiating effect: appetite suppressing, thereby promoting weight loss, as shown in many clinical studies. [4,6]
That’s why since the 1990s, the makers of health bars have been adding collagen for weight loss applications because it promotes appetite control.

But with our 3000-dalton powder form, mixed in juices, 10 g per day not only suppresses appetite but also provides highly usable protein for the body’s many needs, cited above. Nor are there any acids, fillers, hormones, antibiotics, or harsh processing — the downside of standard weight loss supplements that we’re all familiar with.


Another area that is increasing worldwide demand for hydrolyzed collagen is certainly the field of sports nutrition. A natural available molecule that can quickly boost lean muscle gain, decrease recovery time, rebuild damaged joint structures without surgery, improve cardiovascular performance – on and on – athletes all over the world are dumping their steroids and cortisone in favor of Hydrolyzed Collagen.

This is accomplished by its promotion of natural creatine, an essential amino in new muscle growth following workouts. Arginine within the hydrolyzed collagen also promotes increased muscle mass.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is the ideal source for all these amino acids because of the care taken in production: enzymes only. This cannot be said for most brands of arginine, creatine, hydroxyproline, etc. sold in mall stores.

Athletes who want the healthiest training methods are learning that large quantities of pure Hydrolyzed Collagen can be added directly to smoothies and shakes and have a much more immediate effect than the small amounts in the sugared “health bars.” Or the overblown protein drinks, ubiquitous in supplement stores and health clubs, which are not even in the same category as low molecular weight Hydrolyzed Collagen, in any discussion of metabolic physiology promoting optimum athletic performance.


The group which probably benefits most of all from these same exact pathways of amino acid nutrition with Hydrolyzed Collagen is certainly the elderly. With reduced diet intake, the availability of usable proteins is optimized if Hydrolyzed Collagen is employed as a food in the daily routine of elderly folks. Same deal as with athletes: maintenance of leaner muscle, decreased fats to clog arteries, increased organ support. [7, Hays]


These days there are many different collagen products available. You see them at health food stores and online. Most are made using harsh production steps, as cheaply as possible and then marketed as the best possible, etc.

In powder form, Hydrolyzed Collagen can be mixed with fruit or vegetable juice, prefereably organic, not from concentrate. No Sunny D please! Any time of day – with meals, without meals – doesn’t matter. Use a blender. If it foams up, just wait till the foam goes away. For marginal results, mix it in water. For no results, try coffee.

Because of the expense of the careful processing described, there is no comparison in results with other commercial collagen. Taking it twice a day, 2 or 3 tablespoons in juice, most patients notice a some difference in 3 weeks or less. After a month, many have experienced dramatic changes. But again, to really give it a fair try, 10 years of clinical observation showed that the patient should commit to 2 jars during a 60 day period. As with any completely natural product, the result is cumulative, which means don’t miss a day once you start.


We’ve all heard about Glucosamine sulfate – a protein supplement derived from the chitin of shellfish. Chitin is the hard material that makes up the shells. The theory is that in pure form, glucosamine sulfate will rebuild joints because it is a component of the shellfish’s shells as well as a component of your cartilage.

An Italian researcher, Rovati, was the world authority in the area of glucosamine sulfate for over 60 years. The main problem was stability – isolated glucosamine sulfate naturally tends to degrade into formless mush after about 30 days. In the 1970s, Dr. Rovati patented a process to stabilize glucosamine sulfate, which process is still used today.
Glucosamine sulfate can sometimes deliver what it promises – relieve joint problems.

But what usually happens when people stop taking glucosamine? Right – the problem returns. That’s what everybody says. Why is that? Because the action of glucosamine in joints is primarily anti-inflammatory. Glucosamine may stop the inflammation, which is caused by the action of worn out discs, joint capsules, menisci, bursae, etc. But the irritation continues and inflammation is constantly occurring. So when the glucosamine stops coming in, inflammation is once again uncontrolled, and the pain starts back up.


Above we have seen recent clinical studies cited for the use of Hydrolyzed Collagen. Some of the early work that was done with hydrolyzed collagen involved cancer patients. As cancer progresses, it often destroys muscle tissue in a very aggressive fashion. People who have been around family members who are dying of cancer may notice the characteristic way that the muscles of the arms and legs seem to turn to limp string. Doctors call this condition cachexia.

As more and more patients began to use Hydrolyzed Collagen, a wide range of clinical gains was demonstrated. First the chronic arthritis conditions, especially of shoulders and knees that had been weak and painful for years — suddenly, normal. Canceling joint replacement surgery is almost routine. For many patients the skin thickens and tightens, very soon after daily supplementation is begun. Hair commonly thickens as well. Those changes we expected.
But what was most surprising was the number of organic dysfunction cases that often showed dramatic improvement with daily collagen smoothies – liver problems, prostate problems, lung deficits, heart problems, especially blood pressure. [See: Feedback and Testimonials section on the site]

Such improvements would show up with great regularity, and soon we came to almost expect them. When the physiology of these conditions is considered, the logic falls into place. For the first time in years, the body is being provided with the building blocks of its own new collagen. It prioritizes where the collagen is needed most – the epitome of the holistic model.

This is a completely different approach from the pain medications and anti-inflammatories which are self-defeating and ultimately destructive in the chronic case. Most patients thought drugs were their only option all these years.

Performing athletes and bodybuilders find this product a clean source of collagen protein for lean muscle gain, tendon and ligament repair, fast recovery time, and optimum performance. Hydrolyzed Collagen is now a runaway success.


In the 60 Day Program, it has been practically a mantra that we want to keep the number of supplements to an absolute minimum so that the patient was taking the least number of supplements possible, spending the least amount of money, but still taking in everything necessary for a complete detox and nutrition turnaround. With an objective like that obviously we’re the target of every Magic Bullet Salesman since Louis Pasteur, all claiming their products were essential to any effective program, etc.

But with collagen this clean and absorbable, there are so many areas of the body that can benefit from suddenly having available something that hasn’t been present for years, but which is the structural material of virtually every part of the body. And it’s the body itself that is doing the prioritizing – the triage. The body directs the repair materials to the locations most in need — truly the epitome of the holistic model.

None of this chasing symptoms – what I call the allopathic approach to supplements we see at all the vitamin stores and most of the websites – this pill for this disease, that pill for that disease, etc. If that model doesn’t work in mainstream medicine why would it work in holistic medicine?

Holistic means give the body what it needs to heal its own tissues, remove the interference, remove the accumulated wastes. And stick with the program until normal equilibrium is re-established, no matter what. Classic simplicity, with high expectation of positive results; but difficult to commit to, because it requires lifestyle change.

Sadly, when faced with a choice between lifestyle change and death, most people will choose death.

Obviously that’s not the demographic that can expect the best results from the 60 Day Program, which includes 7 supplements all of the same calibre as the Hydrolyzed Collagen we have been describing.

But for those with the wherewithal to follow through and adhere strictly to the regimen, the missing key to their health picture is often discovered.

We didn’t even have time to name it – it’s just called Hydrolyzed Collagen. And it fulfills every criterion as a natural and holistic product, as set forth in the chapters of – a product that works with all the systems of the body at the cellular level.


Occasionally someone will notice an odor when first opening the jar. Unless you have left the jar out in direct sunlight for a couple of days, or something similar, as long as the seal is unbroken, there’s nothing wrong it. After all the quality testing required at every step of the blending and sterilizing described above, there’s virtually no chance of food poisoning or indeed any pathological putrefaction.

This is a 100% natural product, with no preservatives, — it’s hydrolyzed, not hydrogenated. If it has a odor that bothers you, best thing is to take the lid off and stir up the contents thoroughly, letting it breathe. Perhaps even pour the contents out into a bowl and stir thoroughly. Then leave it out for a day or two. And then keep the lid loose after that. But you can still use the supplement immediately.

Many users open the jars immediately when they arrive to let the product breathe.

You might think of it like you would some imported cheeses, which may have a very distinct odor without being spoiled or harmful. We’re so used to dead, hydrogenated foods and supplements, that are virtually inert – tasteless and odorless. And biologically inactive once they are ingested.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is the definition of the 100% natural food, with highest bioavailability at the cellular level.

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