Newsletter October 2013

1. October Seminars: 5 Oct Denver; 19 Oct Atlanta; 24 Oct Akron; 25 Oct New Beginnings
2. Russian Translation Vax Book
3. MMR Measles Outbreak
4. Shipyard Shooter: Drug Coverup
5. Radio Interview Vaccines
6. New Online Nutrition Seminar
7. New Oral Chelation



The Fading Art of Traditional Chiropractic Adjusting:
A Hands-On Symposium

Dr Tim Young / Dr Tim O’Shea

19 OCT – Atlanta, GA
The Chiropractic Seminar:
Patterns of Injury, Patterns of Healing

– GA Chiropractic Assn.
4 Hours CE (GA, SC, CO, CA, WA)

24 Oct – Akron, OH
The Chiropractic Seminar:
Patterns of Injury, Patterns of Healing

8 Hours CE (OH, CO, CA, WA)

25 Oct – Red Bank, NJ – New Beginnings
Functional Nutrition

More info: (408) 753-9830
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Denver Seminar – 5 Oct:

The Fading Art of Traditional Chiropractic Adjusting

Osseous adjusting is the legacy of the chiropractic profession. Can you do it? Have you ever been trained to adjust by teachers who had mastered it? Or were you just shown some old videos, or maybe some discussions on core strengthening, or something even more esoteric.

Virtual chiropractic…?

Are people less subluxated now just because the schools forgot about it?

How did moving bones suddenly become this big secret?

Students: you’ve never seen this type of hands-on instruction before, since most of you are told subluxation doesn’t exist.

Experienced docs: Tiger Woods has a coach. This summer he was in 2 back-to-back tournaments. He left one, got on a plane, arrived in the early evening the day before the second one started, and went immediately onto a private practice course. Rafael Nadal did the same thing with his coach this summer, right in the middle of the French Open – a private court. Jimi Hendrix used to come back from playing a concert for 20,000 people, go to his hotel room and practice.

What does this tell us about mastery?

watch for new dates

More info: (408) 753-9830 or
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Got an email last week from a very kind man in the Ukraine named Alexandr. After reading Vaccination Is Not Immunization he decided to translate it into Russian. He just sent me the file and said that he wanted to do something for mankind. Wow. What a great guy.

Alexandr said there is practically no information available like this in Russia, especially something so referenced and bulletproof.

Maybe that’s the wrong word. Anyway, thank you Alexandr! You’re a gentleman and a scholar, and there are few of us left!

That makes the book available now in 6 languages.



Maybe you saw the CNN piece on 13 Sept heralding the new ‘outbreak’ of measles during 2013. The article starts out correctly, stating that 159 cases of measles have occurred in the first half of 2013. This is actually true.

But what the article doesn’t say is that

– 159 cases in a 300 million population is hardly an outbreak, or an epidemic; such inflammatory rhetoric indicates that we’re about to be sold something

– these cases are not the original disease, but a new disease, caused by the MMR

– the original measles was a mild, self-limiting immune-building disease of childhood that you wanted your child to get, because it conferred lifetime immunity

– since MMR vaccine became mandated in 1978, a new version of the vanishing disease has appeared – an atypical, manmade version caused by the manmade strain in the vaccine. This new disease is the one that is on the rise today.

Even this much misrepresentation of fact is unknown to most people. But where this article goes into the realm of science fiction is when the story is then twisted into a vicious attack on people exercising their right of exemption for the child. The uncredentialed junior science writer, who probably did the usual 5 minutes of wiki research before coming up with her ludicrous angle for the piece, makes this preposterous unreferenced statement:

“Among those who have been stricken with measles this year, 92% were not vaccinated.”

According to whom? No study is cited, no source whatsoever is offered. It’s the same type of junk rhetoric which has become the standard tool on CDC FAQ sites – make up any figure that reinforces the drug you’re trying to sell.

For example, on the CDC site cited by the CNN article, there is no mention of any 92% figure either. So then it’s a creation of the writer. With 85% of the population vaccinated, and the interdict against ever using an unvaccinated population as a control group in any study, such a 92 % figure is patently impossible.

But CDC does dream up their own unsourced, undocumented stats in their section on measles:

“Measles kills more than 100,000 children in the world each year”

“one or two out of 1,000 die”

No source is cited by CDC for either of these new imaginary numbers. The first figure is utter fabrication. The second figure is likely derived from third world statistics, one of CDC’s usual ploys. Exactly where is anybody’s guess, but it certainly cannot be applied to the US.

The false claim here is that children need the MMR shot to prevent measles. They don’t. 2 reasons:

– the original disease is virtually gone. Measles was 95% vanished by 1978, when MMR was first introduced in the US. So the vaccine had nothing to do with it. (Vaccination Is Not Immunization)

– the new form of measles is the atypical, manmade version – which has been caused by the dissemination of MMR vaccine. So how could this new manmade version of measles possibly be prevented by the vaccine, since clearly it has been brought about by MMR dissemination.

This is the kind of uncomfortable reality that often gets glossed over whenever media is busy fetching the stick, promoting billion dollar industries like vaccines.

The CNN article is just today’s ration of the newest trend in vaccine propaganda, escalating now every month – the attack on the unvaccinated. We’re going to be seeing more and more laws and state regs being passed to make it increasingly difficult for parents to exercise their legal right to exemption. Promise.

In all 50 states, exemptions still do exist however. They have to. It’s a legal issue – if vaccines are mandatory, then the vax manufacturer would be clearly liable for deaths or injuries. So exemptions allow a vax company to say, hey, we didn’t injure the child, because the parent could have opted out…

But then no effort is spared to hide this fact from parents – no school will ever inform parents of their right to exempt. Hiding the exemption laws is the object of new laws, like California’s recent AB2109, which goes into effect in January. It requires that a parent must now get an MD’s written permission slip to exercise a vaccine exemption for the child.

Most parents don’t know any of this because of the science of lying which presides over pop media. Which is all they read. If that. To discover the actual facts requires a small amount of research, which is now beyond the grasp of the majority of sheepsters.

Bottom line here is that anyone who seriously considers health information from CNN, FOX news, The New York Times, or any of their analogues from med-Shiva’s 1000 tentacles, is going to ensure a maximum consumption of drugs for themselves and their families. The body’s natural immune system? What on earth is that? Health comes by prescription only, or in a syringe, doesn’t it? …

Once again – the Survival of the Correctly Informed.

Want to see a pediatrician go into a trance? Ask this question: So the vaccinated child is protected from the disease by the vaccine right? Well then why is there any concern about the unvaccinated? Why are these people being persecuted? Don’t your vaccines really work?

Could it just be the $60 B?



Virtually all the random shooter stories involve psychoactive drugs. Usually it get buried in the lead story, and you can only uncover it with great diligence.

Not so the recent shooting in Washington, in which 12 random people were murdered in a navy shipyard. The shooter had a long history of mental illness and psych drug prescriptions. In uncharacteristic fashion, the New York Times was all over the drug connection in the lead story. It was Trazadone, one of the most powerful and unpredictable psych drugs. The warnings in the insert caution that suicidal behavior may result, and also that the drug is contraindicated in the bipolar patient. Which seems like imprudent advice, given that Trazedone can by itself cause bipolar disorder, among other psychological and physical imbalances.

But this is the new pattern that we’ve come to accept as integral to modern society— every few weeks or so we now expect some whack job on drugs to get hold of some serious hardware and go all Clive Owens in a public setting, shooting people he doesn’t even know. We’re desensitized to it – we just shrug it off, like a bad weather report somewhere in the country or something.

But consider this: there have always been lots of crazy people around. And also there have always been loads of available guns. Neither of those facts has changed in the last 100 years, nor are they likely to change in the next 100. What is suddenly different? What is the one key ingredient in the social fabric that has made this quantum metamorphosis in the last decade or so? Easy. The deluge of Antidepressants, mood elevators, Xanax, Ativan, Prozac, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Ritalin, Wellbutrin, on and on…

CCHR has been carefully documenting these cases and has made an impressive list of the major incidents of recent years, along with the drugs that were involved. The chief common link in the vast majority of the random shootings by an unbalanced individual, wherein there was no motive of robbery or revenge – the common link was psych drug use. Often it is deliberately kept out of the original news story, and has to be discovered in follow up. Why would that be? Who is the #1 advertiser in pop media? Connect the dots.

It’s not even big news any more. We’re less and less horrified, and a random shooting is likely to get less and less coverage as a news story as the shootings become more commonplace.

Population control among the 7 billion?



I was a guest on Dr Michael’s radio show this week, discussing the science behind today’s vaccines. He is one of the best interviewers because, unlike most radio hosts, he is actually informed and very conversant in the subject of childhood immunity. Actually listens to the interviewee. A very spirited and spontaneous conversation. Check out the part about the debate challenge.

Audio interview:


6. New online Nutrition Video Seminar

Just finished Part II of our online Nutrition video series: another 8 hours now CE accredited. For practice, and for life.

We will go into greater depth in the areas of

* Enzymes: the end of reflux – the end of fatigue
* The legacy of my mentors – historical science behind thedoctorwithin
* Stan Bynum, Richard Anderson, Alexis Carrel
* Chronic inflammation: Sugar the Sweet Thief
* Inside of the colon is still the outside of the body
* The Last Resort: drugs or surgery failed- now what?
* To the Heart Patient; To the Cancer Patient
* Why DCs must know their nutrition: DD Palmer
Much more.

More info:


7. Oral Chelation – Formula Upgrade

The philosophy behind the 60 Day Program is simple, as far as supplements are concerned: We want the patient to be taking the least number of supplements possible, spending the least amount of money possible, but still getting everything necessary for a complete detoxification of the tract and blood.

Early on, I learned that the enzyme supplement Digestazyme would be very effective for water soluble debris, within the tract and blood. What’s missing? Two very common accumulating poisons, responsible for many of the Top Ten diseases, are heavy metal ions and arterial plaque. Enzyme supplements cannot mobilize either one – they’re trapped within the arteries and other tissues.

For decades, herbal formulas have been known to have this capability for binding toxins, metal ions, and arterial plaque. Heart patients who are trying to restore normal blood pressure without medication must strive to unclog the arteries of that accumulated plaque. No diet or exercise program can do that. See ( Dead on the Treadmill )

As for heavy metals, anyone who has ever been vaccinated, or had a mercury filling — there is virtually no one who hasn’t been exposed to aluminum, lead, mercury, etc. These metals are bioaccumulative in the tissues. That means they’ll accompany you to your grave, unless they are chelated out.

Heavy metal ions can interfere with virtually any of the essential pathways for normal cell life. Cancer is just one of their consequences. The whole focus of the autism industry is to chelate mercury out of the child’s brain tissue.

Oxidized oils and trans fats from fried foods and snack foods are attracted to inflamed arteries. This condition grows worse year by year unless it is directly addressed. Drugs cannot clear it, as the manufacturers themselves admit. Also, why challenge the bypass industry?

Even for those adults with no apparent diseases doing a detox for the first time, anyone who has lived in this country any amount of time has accumulated a measurable toxic load by age 21. So in the 60 Day Program we use a safe, traditional oral chelation formula with individual ingredients that have years of success behind them.

It can be taken by a child of 18 months or a patient in his 90s. Heavy metal toxicity can be the hidden cause of so many misdiagnosed labels that we simply cannot afford to overlook it in any legitimate detox.

This summer we have just upgraded the Oral Chelation. It is now a single bottle instead of a pair. No need to take additional minerals when you’re already taking the best Chelated Minerals.

It took years of research and advice from many experts, like David Sandoval and David Wolfe, to come up with this formula. But even though it is new, all the ingredients have decades of success in performing the precise functions required by chelation.

Some of the ingredients in the new formula:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

– all classic chelators of heavy metals and toxins with a proven track record. Very popular in the autism industry, which focuses on mercury removal from the child’s neurology.


– for cleaning out the microvillae spaces within the colon, this superfine clay has few equals. Inert, therefore 100% safe.

Na Alginate

– a food industry product, Na alginate has the ability to form a gel in the presence of Ca, precisely the mechanism we’re looking for in an attempt to change the composition of calcific arterial plaque, and then clear it.

Raw cacao

– In addition to its many antioxidant and mineral properties, cacao is one of the purest sources for food-bound magnesium and chromium – both critical for heart health.

Three caps a day is the dosage for the 60 Day Program.

But for those who wish to accomplish a detoxification more quickly, it is safe to take more than that. As in any effective oral chelation supplement, healing crises may occur, usually transient.

That’s the signal to back off a little It also means that the program is working. So just stop for a day or two, or reduce dosage.

Very happy to finally introduce the new Oral Chelation.

More good news is the price just dropped a little because it’s only one bottle.

Exactly how long did you want to hang on to the plaque and heavy metals in your tissues? Cremation?

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