Newsletter February 2014

1. Ventura Nutrition 8 Feb, CalJam 28 Feb
2. FluVax Hysteria
3. New Interview with Andrew Wakefield
4. Chiro Academic Decline?
5. Collagen Stories



CALJAM — See below

Sheraton Four Points Ventura

Summarizing the essential principles of cellular nutrition for the practicing chiropractor, defining the roles of diet and lifestyle. Providing the DC with a complete functional nutrition program, based on classical ideas of arterial and tract detoxification.

“Wow – a CE seminar where you actually learn something! What a concept! Not only useful, but life saving.”
– Dr Aaron Khem, NYC

“So much useful information, concise, astutely researched.” – Dr Steve Alff, Camarillo



(408) 753-9830 – doc[ @ ]


Other dates:

22 Mar Technique Orange County

The Fading Art of Traditional Adjusting:
A Hands-On Symposium
22 March 14 – Orange County CA

Dr Young and I are finally getting the hang of it. Below you can see some comments from the last events. The general consensus seems to be More Hands On.

Even though this is probably the most hands-on seminar anywhere in the world, the appetite for it seems to be insatiable – people do want to learn how to adjust! Even in 2014. Imagine that.

Attendee Comments:

“Learned so much more than I have in any technique class. Am going to attend the next one!” -TB

“It was good to see how to actually adjust and get hands on. We don’t get enough of this at school.”

“…both DCs were exceptional in explaining and demonstrating the adjustment. Their passion was very infectious and we appreciated it!”

“The seminar eliminates all the fog and nonsense people get caught up in. It was awesome!” -RT

“Great to see masters and hear their stories. And to have focused instruction like this”

Want in on it? Show up.

More info:

(408) 753-9830
doc[ @ ]


CalJam 2014 – 28 Feb

There are certain events you have to attend – no discussion. Buy the ticket and show up. Otherwise what are you really learning, how are you really advancing in your profession from year to year? CalJam has become one of those hallmarks. Don’t miss it!

call 949 250 0600 and get on board!


Euro Chiro Schools:

Philosophy/Neurology Lectures

April 2014


watch Seminars for more exact dates


2. FLU SHOT HYSTERIA: DCs Crawling Back to Vaccines?

In the desperate new marketing of 2014 vaccines, no effort is being spared to spread the doctrine of misdirection and fear into every possible nook and cranny. No limit to what they will say to sell the flu vaccine this season.

Did we really expect otherwise? Are they going to suddenly back off and hold vaccines up to the imaginary standards of science they’ve been ignoring for the past century? Oh yeah, let’s all buy Vaccination Is Not Immunization – such a clever bastard – he’s been right all along. Right.

Recent events:

—- CNN medical correspondent/cheerleader Sanjay Gupta claims this year’s flu shot will actually PREVENT autism, citing no evidence whatsoever.

—– Anderson Cooper gets a flu shot on live TV? That’s actually good news: natural selection at work. Hope he gets all 68 at once. I’ll pay for them!

—– Autism from vaccines court cases can now be dismissed merely by a letter from Homeland Security. Homeland Security? [1]

—– Hospital personnel and government workers being forced to get flu shots or lose their jobs.

—– Flu Shot posters outside every Safeway, Sam’s Club and grocery store in the US. 10% discount on groceries if you get the flu shot there. How does that work for the stores – ever wonder that?

—– They’re trotting out all the real desperation moves as well — the fake shortages, the shrill reports of “outbreaks” in unpopulated states. Even that tried and true rubber chicken – the 1918 Flu “epidemic” – this season you’re gonna see it all.

We DCs are a major target.

But they worry too much about us – we’re really no threat. As a profession, we’re certainly not unified in our knowledge of vaccine problems.

In Colorado the chiropractic association there recently decided to actively lobby in favor of DCs being able to give vaccines in their office! Don’t believe it? Me neither. Till I saw the minutes of the meeting. They call it “Immunization authority for DCs” and it was agreed as a lobbying priority by the CCA board in CO. Without informing the members!

Ask Dr Danny! [3]

Yet another new group of Arizona DCs, masquerading as representatives of traditional chiropractic principles, is also hawking vaccines as safe and necessary, citing standard media pablum as evidence.

Somebody obviously got to them – not difficult to figure out who. [2]

Vibrant Arizona? Please. Vibrate this, unanchored minds.

Somebody tell me I’m wrong here. Go ahead. Tell me I’m misquoting these groups. Don’t think that’ll happen. They’re out there openly marketing it.

Does the rabid new marketing of this year’s flu shot cite any new vaccine research? None whatsoever. It’s all rhetoric and journalism 101 sensation.

Same old false claims about false protection from nonexistent “flu bugs” and the nature of the ‘threat’- the “outbreaks” in deserted locations…. But the pitch is getting more and more shrill….

So in the absence of any new science, the established science stands. [6]

Here are a few vaccine items you’re not going to read about in everyday cookie-cutter news:

The blood brain barrier…? Anybody? The part of the child’s immune system that keeps harmful compounds like Hg and Al out of the brain – and it’s formed when? Maturity. By which time US kids are forced to get 68 vaccines, 36 of which come before 18 MONTHS

With double the vaccines of most other countries on earth, the US is #50 in infant mortality.

Unheard of before 1960, at present the #2 cause of death among children is cancer.

The flu vaccine is the only one on the mandated schedule where the PDR still admits thimerosal is present. The sales mantra? “No proof thimerosal causes autism….” All rhetoric; no science.

Here are just a very few of the medical studies proving the exact opposite, the precise mechanisms of neuronal damage caused by introducing Hg and other vaccine toxins into the formative neurology of the infant:

22 Medical journals show the connection between vaccines and autism [5]

Flu shots are trivalents – 3 vaccines. The H1N1 vaccine, one of the greatest vax hoaxes (swine flu) in recent memory, remains as one of the 3 strains in this year’s flu shot. That’s one way to get rid of the inventory that all the clinics sent back because it made people sick.

It’s always the same old demographic getting these shots – the militantly uninformed. Mutely following mutant newsreaders on lowest common denominator TV “news shows.” … I’m too dumb too learn the fundamentals of cell and immunophysiology, but what I’m good at is believing what I’m told. That’s always worked before…

Social Darwinism. Almost glad they’re getting vaccinated – will move along the culling of the herd. The only tragedy is their innocent children.

One of the greatest scientists of all time, Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel had this to say:

“The body is permanently modified by each injection or vaccine, each invasion of the tissues by bacteria, viruses or foreign chemicals. These events determine allergic states.” [4] Alexis Carrel, MD 1938

Childhood allergies in the US are at an all time high, world records. No other children in history got half as many vaccines as our kids are getting.

Want to get one quantum smarter, and glimpse the ranks of the Correctly Informed? Check out the sources below, before you make the most important decision in the life of your child.



2. Vibrant Arizona

3. Colorado Chiropractic Association — Daniel Knowles DC

4.Carrel, A Man, the unknown p 159

5. Walia, A 22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism

6. O’Shea T – Vaccination is not immunization, third edition

7. Centers for Disease Control Causes of Death


3. New Interview with Andrew Wakefield

This is one guy you only want to learn about directly from him. When global media decides on a target, the result can be annihilation. The majority of google, yahoo, fox, cnn, and related blogswamps are so one-dimensionally vicious that it has to be unreliable – a put-up job. Overkill like this is so obvious.

Anyway, check out Wakefield Interview





Last year the CCE made some unprecedented policy changes in requirements to enter chiropractic school. No more science. Chemistry, biology, physics, etc. Suddenly optional.

Don’t believe me? Try this: call the admissions office of any school. Tell them you’re about to graduate with a degree in fine arts, or literature, or something even less substantial. And you want to enter chiropractic school and you want to know how soon you can get in. Guess what? Come on down! We’ll work it out later.

Try it. Tell me I’m wrong.

Then go on their home pages. They may try to disguise it with ambiguous phrases like ‘recommended’ or ‘optional’. But there it is. The requirements are gone.

Remember all those months (or years) memorizing all those organic formulae, and studying the essentials of biological science, and all that physics? Well, seems the CCE has now decided that it was all just superfluous fluff. Why would DCs need to know all that stuff? They’re not real doctors anyway, right?

Removing basic sciences from our curriculum – does this make our profession stronger or weaker? Does this enhance or diminish the validity and credibility of the DC diploma?

Why would the CCE do something like that? What was their agenda, will someone tell me?

Ever since its inception, the CCE has been making it gradually more and more difficult to get into chiropractic college, and once enrolled, to graduate from it. Always increasing requirements. Why would they suddenly now after all these years reverse that policy?

And what about CCE’s recent attack on radiology 2 years ago, stating that ruling out or identifying vertebral subluxation is no longer a criterion for X-rays to be taken?

Go one step further. Ask any CE provider who has been teaching seminars for more than a decade this question: over the past 10 years do your attendees seem smarter or dumber? Just ask them.

Would make a great dissertation subject. If our academics were at that level, that is.

The new CCE regs seem to be a secret. Ever read anything about them? Ever hear anyone discuss them? Am I imagining this?

This fits precisely into the global agenda to dilute and marginalize the profession, which we discuss in some detail in the full day seminar on chiropractic philosophy and neurology.

Another part of that agenda seems to be the reticence to discuss in a public forum anything about principles of chiropractic philosophy, or subluxation, or the real science of chiropractic, or the art of actual osseous adjusting – except in a most superficial, offhand, pandering, or nonspecific manner. A bigger secret than who fixed yesterday’s Super Bowl. And the global trend is to expunge this type of material from the curricula of most schools.

These are vital issues – the most critical challenges the profession faces today. And yet who addresses them at any convention or circus or seminar? I go to everything, and you just don’t hear it. Rarely, and faint echoes maybe.

Look at our profession 10 years ago. Or better 20 years ago, if you can remember that. Now play the tape forward 10 years from now. Are you inspired? Encouraged? How does it look for the general public to have access to the most sublime health paradigm of all time in 2024?

Don’t be polite.

There is good news, however. There are some courses at some schools and some events where the secrets are still being told, where the torch is being passed on. There are still a few seminars where DCs and students can enhance their knowledge of these essential issues, or at least hear of their existence! Actual adjusting, philosophy of nature, the holistic model, the science of subluxation… it’s out there. Just buried.

And now apparently, going deeper.

BJ and DD – yeah, they’re not gone till we’re gone, and all that, but their beacon is dimming, my friends. Think I’m just realizing this was exactly what BJ dealt with his entire life, and why he sprinted every minute of every day until the day he died to fight against these precise same looming, malevolent forces.

And why did he go to all that trouble and inconvenience? The Sacred Trust.

Who is its keeper today? Not the posers, but the actual keepers. Who are they?



One of the seven supplements included in the 60 Day Program is Hydrolyzed Collagen.

For the whole story read the chapter. But everybody knows that collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, making up virtually all the musculoskeletal as well as organic structures.

And most people also know that collagen production falls off as we age, as evidenced by muscle and organ ptosis, sagging skin, thinning hair and skin, etc.

About a decade ago I was lucky enough to come across a very clean source, processed to a very small molecular weight, without losing any of the biocompatability necessary for integration and regeneration of the various structures in the body.

Here are just a few stories from the lengthy Feedback and Testimonial section of the site:

“All my life, I had been an avid soccer player, and 8 years back I had to call it quits, as both my knees were weak. I had stabs of pain in my left knee whenever I suddenly changed direction.

“I had an MRI done and the orthopaedic doctor asked if I would like to consider microfracturing to try to regrow some worn knee tissues. All it cost was around USD $15K or so per knee!

“No thanks! That was in June this year when I ordered Collagen from you. Now, I am actually playing soccer again!! – for 2 teams whose average age is around 35. I am 52 and my teammates appreciate my stamina. Thanks Dr Tim!”

– Philip Wen, 

“This hydrolyzed collagen is unbelievable. I thought there was no hope! I have had low back pain for 6 years, worsening every year. A chiropractor I went to was no help. Waking up at night with pain, I even had to stop exercising. It was getting so bad I had to pick up my legs with my hands to get in the car. I began limping, and walked in a stooped over posture, all the time.

“Finally one month ago someone told me about collagen. After 5 days taking it, I could walk straight again. After 2 weeks the pain was over 50% gone, and I began trusting my right leg to bear my weight for the first time in 2 years.

“Now it’s been one month and the back pain is completely gone. Medicine had nothing for me, except experimental surgery. My life was going down down down. How I ever found out about collagen, I am beyond thankful!”

– Cheryl Johnston


These are just a couple of the many stories. After reading the chapter itself you’ll understand how Hydrolyzed Collagen works in the body.

Might be prudent not to agree to any joint surgery until you try this simple inexpensive suggestion first!

See more


6. Feature:

“IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.”

Great minds think alike…? — ol’ Chuck was channeling me, or vice versa.

Here is this month’s installation:

Actually the vaccine section above could fill the slot for Worst of All Worlds. I get called several times a week by people in different situations telling me this or that Nazi is requiring vaccines of them or their children, and how can they get out of it, etc.

For children, the easiest way out is the Medical Exemption, described in detail on page 187 of Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

Even in California there are a number of MDs who will sign exemptions. Here’s a List.

For those on the fence, who would rather not get the shot, but don’t know how to get out of it, man up. Or girl up. You don’t have to do anything any moron dreams up. Yet. Find out the downside, then find out how to avoid it.

For adults, look at the section called Affidavit of Exemption, also in the same vaccine text.

This default behavior of just rolling over because you don’t want to ‘make waves’ is just what they want– a race of obedient, neutered robots. Which throng increases exponentially day by day all by itself. No need to hurry it along.

All the vaccine-injured autistics in the past 15 years – that’s exactly what their parents did – went along compliantly, not making waves. And that’s why 1 child in 40 today is autistic. We didn’t say much when it was 1 in 250 in the 90s, and we’re not saying much today.

The Survival of the Correctly Informed.

Enough bitching in this newsletter.

Let’s do Best of All Possible Worlds.

I had a recent automotive experience – out of this world. I test drove a Tesla Model S. There’s nothing like it.

Most of us have seen them by now, except perhaps for you unfortunates in flyover country (jk!) Just do it – such a pleasant experience, unlike any new car showroom you’ve ever been to.

First of all they don’t require retinal scan and DNA sample and an hour of credit checking before they hand you the key (not really a key anyway). Just a driver’s license and hop in.

Also they don’t insult you and breathe in your face and interrogate you and follow you around the showroom. You follow them. There’s a chassis sitting right there and you can see how well built it is. And the physics of the car takes some listening and study.

The Li batteries are a little bigger than a regular AA found in your remote. There are over 7000 of these little suckers, in racks, all in the floor of the car. It’s revolutionary. Tesla doesn’t even know how long they’ll last, but they’re guaranteed for 8 years.

The door handles are flush to the car. And there’s no keyhole. When you’re 10 feet away a sensor picks up the card in your pocket and the handles pop out. Whoa!

Also no ignition key location inside the car. When you sit down in the seat, the car is on. Only 3 gear settings: Drive, Neutral, and Reverse. You click on Drive, press down the accelerator pedal, and off you go — 365 horses at your toe tips. Zero carbon footprint. It floats along so quietly, not just because there’s no engine, but also the way the car is sound proofed.

It’s like a Magic Carpet Escape ride at Disneyland, except you’re moving through your town. And if anybody sees you they think you’re royalty!

Most of us have driven cars with a lot of horsepower. This is the next quantum up in that department. No lag time for turbo’s to kick in – you get the entire 365 horses right now, all at once. No way to describe it, because it doesn’t physically exist with gasoline engines. You gotta feel it.

When you let off the accelerator pedal, it does this weird whirring feeling, which is actually the batteries recovering charge as you coast to a stop. They have a name for it. For this reason, you actually get better mileage in stop and go city traffic than you do on the freeway. Total new driving cognition.

There are 2 models of the Tesla – one has a range of 200 miles and the other 265 miles. It’s about a $10k price difference, so you gotta decide if it’s worth it. I mean how many of us have more than a 200 mile round trip commute? But the bigger one is available. You come home at night and plug it in. About 4 hours for a recharge.

There are Supercharge stations being placed all over the country at present. By the end of the year there will be at least 200 of them scattered along the Interstates. So it will be feasible to stop for lunch and get a complete recharge in less than 45 minutes. So yes, you can do LA to New York nonstop in a Tesla. I think that is already happening.

Back to the driving. My guide said there was a governor on the test drive vehicles for 80 mph. I looked down and saw we were going 88, so I guess mine got disconnected. Surprising because it felt like 55. It handles like a dream – that floating sensation. Or like if you’re walking though your house and all of a sudden you see a door you never noticed before…

It’s a big car, like an old 700 series BMW when they were really good, or the original LS 400 Lexus. Except lighter and roomier. And more elegant. So much room in the back seat – you could fit an elephant back there. In fact, I’ve actually seen that. (The ones who want to stop at Wendy’s on the test drive.)

Since there’ s no big engine, there are actually 2 trunks – back and front. The big one is in back. You pull up the hatchback and there’s a flat floor with a trapdoor. You pull up the trap door and a seat pops up, equipped with full harness that are legal for toddlers! And they have their own world back there, seeing where they’ve been.

Kids will never let you out of there without ordering a car. Elyse went with me – she’s six. And we filled out a tentative order form on the Mac, with all her options. Elon is playing for keeps!

Other options most people get are the giant sunroof, which makes it almost a convertible. Also the parking lot sensors which show exactly how many inches are in front and on either side, as you back out of a parking space. In addition to the rear view camera. The salesman called it the Wifey Option, whatever that means. You would have to be comatose to hit something while parking this car.

In the dash console is a 17 inch screen. That’s big, Vern. The GPS images are huge. You’re not allowed to watch movies on it, but checking email is OK!

It does a whole truckload of other things I didn’t even get to – I think it will do your tax return, start the dryer, fix you a cocktail, find your soulmate on, all on the way to the grocery store.

To learn all that stuff you have to go to the showroom where they have the most sophisticated, stress-free and pleasant car sales experience ever. They have big screen Macs everywhere, which have very friendly interactive screens that tell all the options, the technology, the prices, the payment plans – everything – don’t be in a hurry when you go there.

Don’t despair if this is still a little pricey- in about 2 years they’re coming out with a midsize model, about as big as a 300 series Beemer – for $35 K! This baby is truly going to transform the automotive industry forever. They’re gonna sell frickin millions of them. So start saving up.

This rhapsody is getting too long, but I didn’t even tell you all the other intriguing, innovative cool shit this car has. You gotta see it yourself. All I’m saying is anybody who spends 80-100 grand today on a high end BMW or Mercedes is an idiot. For the same money they could own the pinnacle of automotive technology since the model T.

This dream is within reach, already for thousands of people – the Tesla is really not that expensive when they show you everything you’ll be saving. Not just gas, but there’s a like a 12 grand rebate you get just for buying one! Other stuff too. Bottom line is, with any decent down payment, they can put you in one of these spaceships – with all your bells and whistles – for about a grand a month.

That’s for 6 years, but wait! Elon has a revolutionary idea on financing never before heard in the automotive industry. If you sign the 6 year financing thingy and start paying, after 3 years he guarantees to buy back your car for MORE THAN you still owe! You have to read that about 3 times before you understand it, it’s so outrageous. But that’s how much confidence they have in the resale value of this car.

This description sucks, believe me. It’s way better than all this. Aptly named after Nicola Tesla, Godfather of Repressed Technology, this car is the iPad of the car industry. I know I should be an agent for these guys, but you also have to watch the 2 Netflix movies about Elon and also Whatever Happened to the Electric Car so you can understand the risks that he’s taken to bring electric auto technology up to date and create this masterpiece. We’re 15 years behind. Find out why.

Want to see the future? Test drive a Model S Tesla.