CA Law SB277: Forced Vaccines

3250 Vaccine Deaths since 1991

California’s new vaccine law: SB277

Know what it means? No more choice.

Referendum signatures are trying to cancel SB277

Thousands are waking up. This affects your child now. And you.

Watch this 3-minute clip:

3 Reasons Why You Should Sign the Referendum

The referendum is actually gaining momentum. Looks like we may have a chance! For a complete look at recent events surrounding the new law, look at this lecture in Temecula, California. It will answer most of your questions.

Educate Before You Vaccinate



Two of the most dangerous situations for kids today may be

* Hospital birth
* Entering school

Our defenseless kids are being targeted and injected. But only with our tacit permission – i.e., doing nothing. The less informed the parents, the more vaccines go into the child. Inverse relationship.

In the past few weeks, many California schools have been illegally forcing vaccines on kids, telling parents that SB277 is already in effect. It isn’t – doesn’t happen until July 2016. But if you don’t know that, what good is it?

Why are they lying?

Here is a letter that informs the school that you know the law and cannot be coerced. Together with the signed AB2109 exemption, you are bulletproof. Your child is protected. Just print out the letter and follow the instructions exactly.

The second scenario is hospital birth. Some hospitals are doing the same thing – telling parents that the kid must be vaccinated no matter what. Here is the Letter for that situation. Again, just print it out and follow the instructions completely.

It’s only propaganda if someone believes it.