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Mission Statement

I believe that it’s the duty of individuals today, especially parents, to make a real effort to protect ourselves and our children against an increasingly hostile environment. Learn about the air, the food, and the water. Honor that most sacred of environments: human blood, especially that of children. Violate it only in the case of life-threatening or persistent illness.

And maintain the unsubluxated nervous system.

No “just in case” shots or pills, unless they have been clearly proven, unequivocally, to be absolutely safe, effective, and necessary. If not, do not violate.

The mission of this website is to provide the information necessary for such protection, from sources not necessarily vested in reinforcing the system of hospitals, drugs, and diseases that is so ineffective today, in most cases.

Survival today means that we always try the natural way first. The body will usually come through if given the time to reach its own balance. Only then, after the holistic way has been given a fair chance, does it seem prudent to resort to more invasive methods.

I believe the individual’s right to choose must always come first. No cloudy judgments of politics and money should supersede that power: the right of the parent, the right of the individual must be absolute in making vital medical decisions.


Look how sick and unhealthy we are. The worst health of any industrialized nation. Health care costs go up, health goes down. What is labeled as Health Care often has nothing to do with health. It’s the wrong word. Health Care is a discussion of insurance coverage, not health. It can be more accurately called Disease Care.

The rates of all degenerative diseases in this country are increasing. We have more asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, allergies, digestive disorders, and obesity than ever before in history. Our children are fatter, sicker and dumber than ever before.

Natural health is no longer optional; it’s becoming a matter of survival.

It seems essential then to do all we can to promote first the natural healing powers of the body, and to keep ourselves and our children out of hospitals. Best to avoid most doctors, except for the ones who will enhance the immune system and the natural healing properties of the body.

Health is not something that is doled out by medical people to those who take enough drugs. Health is our birthright – something we must grasp and nurture and protect with all our strength.

But robust good health today seems a rare exception. It can no longer be presumed by following the unreliable notions broadcast all day in media.

Evidence of some of the predatory forces at large today:

  • The skyrocketing of childhood allergies and asthma
  • The prevalence of Genetically Modified foods in the diet
  • The 60,000 chemicals to which we’e exposed in our air, food, and water
  • The unprecedented number of vaccines
  • The epidemic of autism in the US, between 2 and 4 million
  • The absence of regulation for the safety of foods in our supermarkets
  • The eternal advertising for drugs, drugs, and more drugs
  • Side effects of drugs as a primary cause of death

This website is dedicated to providing referenced, scientific data on a variety of holistic and alternative medicine topics, focusing on universal principles, sound physiology, and the undiluted healing powers of the body itself.

There is virtually no health problem that will not respond to a combination of chiropractic care and lifestyle re-balancing. There is no disease, no illness, no physical imbalance which will not respond to the inner healing power of nature, once it is summoned. Once it is set free.

Healers of the past have already solved most health problems of today. Unfortunately, in most cases their work died with them. Their voices have been muted by the din of a thousand self-proclaimed experts and Magic Bullet salesmen.

This website seeks to draw from the forgotten wisdom of the past.

Health is not something that can be bought with an insurance policy. If hospitals and drugs could give us better health, we’d already be better. That is why holistic medicine is growing so fast – it’s a question of survival.

But the field of alternative medicine itself is like a wild jungle, full of unsubstantiated claims, junk science, and the most sophisticated marketing hype.

To trek through that terrain alone, without a guide – just doing internet searches for natural health will soon plunge the reader into a slough confusion.

There is a trail. From the past 150 years, we were given a legacy of holistic principles that focuses at the cellular level, which is where real health resides.

The healthiest people in human history were groups who were geographically isolated from “civilization.” They had no specialists, no PPOs, no prescription drugs, no insurance, and no immense hospitals. They were never subverted with the idea that the responsibility for their own health lay outside themselves. For most of their lives they looked to the body’s inner wisdom, and trusted only that.

And it worked – they had beautiful teeth, strong bones, and almost no degenerative disease. Want to know how they did it? Read these chapters.

Today it’s almost as though our ancestors are trying to speak to us. The searching, jumbled mess we find in today’s Alternative Medicine has a real and vital underlying power source: the impulse to give the body time to heal itself, to let it try and put the steps of the healing process together by itself – in short, to listen first to

t h e d o c t o r w i t h i n



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