The Lost Interviews – Dr T

Here are a few of my interviews from all over the place, that have survived the road over the last decade. Any resemblance between persons living or dead is purely co-intentional. If you have other recordings, let us know!

People of Distinction — Interview with radio host Al Cole, NYC 2017

Interview of Dr T by Michael Gaeta — History of thedoctorwithin website

Radio Interview – Lost Arts Radio – 10 Apr 15 — Dr Tim O’Shea: The Disney Vaccine Agenda
– (fast forward track line at top of page to 1:28 to start with Dr O’Shea)


Two hour radio interview with Dr Tim O’Shea — Sun. Feb 15, 2015 with Shawn Siegel out of Austin TX: The Vaccine Myth

Topic: the past, present, and future of the measles story. Who benefits, who invented the story, the real science behind it, dangers, etc.


Radio show with Patrick Timpone – 2013 February
(60 min.)
Dr. Tim O’Shea – Chiropractic First Before Drugs or Surgery

Radio show with Patrick Timpone – 2012 December (60 min.)
Dr. Tim O’Shea – Vaccination Is Not Immunization


Optimal Health — KXRA Monterey – 2012 May (38 min.)
Bill AB2109 discussion: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Linderman Unleashed interview with Dr T – 2012 April (60 min.)


The Swine Flu Hoax with Dr Rich Gringeri, 2009 November (55 min.)


How Parents Decide to Vaccinate – Australia, 2009 September