are available by telephone, or in person.

Phone appointments:
Monday to Friday
8 am or 7 pm Pacific Time

In the past years we have developed a very efficient template for the phone consult.

First we will discuss all details of the patient’s medical history, from birth onward, and evaluate the diagnoses and treatment attempted so far.

In the second part we will tailor The 60 Day Program to the specific situation of the individual patient, and answer all questions that may arise.

Such a consultation would best benefit someone who has read the chapters recommended in The Last Resort but has specific concerns about how to apply the whole program to a particular situation.

The patient is required to read the following chapters before the consultation:

  • Enyzmes: The Key to Longevity
  • The Last Resort
  • The 60 Day Program
  • Chiropractic Aloft
  • Journey to the Center of Your Colon
  • New West Diet

The patients who benefit most from such a consultation often seem to be those ‘Incurables’ who have reached that point where they realize medicine has nothing more to offer them, and that if they are to have any hope whatsoever, it’s going to be the result of their own initiative. These people will do whatever it takes to make a radical change toward life, toward survival, and therefore have prepared themselves for the consultation. You may read some of their stories under Testimonials.

If you are one of these people who has “tried everything” and “read everything,” someone that all doctors have failed to cure, this may be the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for.

To schedule please call (408) 753-9830

$175 per hour

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