Hydrolyzed Collagen

After reading the Collagen chapter at www.thedoctorwithin.com, the reader will know that after a few weeks of using hydrolyzed collagen skin and muscle tone and many other systems can show vast improvement.

What is so special about this particular Hydrolyzed Collagen?

There are many different collagen products available these days. Most are made as cheaply as possible and marketed as the best possible, etc.

Three factors determine any collagen’s value:


Bioavailability means uptake at the cellular level. How much gets into the blood and finally into the cells.

The majority of commercial collagens are not well digested and don’t even make it as far as the bloodstream, let alone the cells of the body.

The first thing is size of the molecules of the finished product.

If the molecules are too large most will just pass through the body without ever having been used. Molecular weight of collagen products is measured in daltons. Researching the various molecular weights of most collagens available through supplement distributors and stores, the molecular weight is not generally advertised. The reason is that even though the ads often use the phrase Low Molecular Weight, the molecules are usually quite large, in a range of 40,000 – 45,000 daltons. Such large proteins have difficulty being metabolized into building new collagen because of all the activity that has to take place to reduce the molecules to a workable size. As a result most of the collagen in this form is excreted unused from the body.

Hydrolysis is the process by which the raw materials are made into collagen supplements. Most manufacturers use heat, HCl acid and other acids for the final hydrolysis, because it is the least expensive way to go. The problem is that the end product has been damaged by the heat and acids, and may contain residuals as well.

The cleanest way to hydrolyze is by proteolytic enzymes. These secure the integrity of the molecules and the purity of the final product.

The particular natural collagen that we are using has a molecular weight under 3,000 daltons. This is accomplished by hydrolyzing 6-8 separate times, using the enzyme method. It is an expensive process, but the final result has no competitor in the industry.

The third factor is the source. Highest quality Type I collagen must come from cattle raised in an organic natural environment – not the hellish environment of corporate agribusiness, exposed in films like Food Inc, and others. The raw collagen is extracted very carefully and then shipped in for the final enzymatic hydrolysis which produces our final product. Best source, cleanest process for splitting molecules into the smallest size, for maximum uptake at the cellular level. Very few producers in the entire world go to all this trouble.

The end result is what you see in your blender when you mix the collagen with juice. Two tablespoons 2 times a day, every single day. Not a drug, loading dose, natural supplement – don’t miss a day. A couple of months like that and you may well be sending in a story like those seen in the Feedback section.

For best results keep your Hydrolyzed Collagen refrigerated, though it will be fine if kept in a cool dark place. It’s also OK to keep the lid off or loose to let it breathe. Remember, this is a 100% natural product with no preservatives and it can be harmed by very high temperatures.

What’s in it? Hydrolyzed collagen. Plus traces of 3 amino acids, for enhanced absorption:

L carnitine
L Glutamine

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Hydrolyzed Collagen, holistic dietary supplement.

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