Newsletter: January 2016

In this issue:

1. Advanced Clinical Nutrition Seminar – San Jose – 30 Jan

San Mateo – 1 May

2. Barcelona College – Second Chance

3. Asia Travelogue: New Discovery

4. Gardasil Under Attack: Your Daughter’s Risks

5. Charles Koch Interview

6. Vaccine Exemption update

7. Excerpt: Vaccination Is Not Immunization

1. Advanced Clinical Nutrition Seminar
30 Jan – San Jose CA
12 Hours of CE in 6 Hours class time
Sheraton 4 Points – 1471 N 4th St . . . 8 am

Back by popular demand

To summarize the essential principles of cellular nutrition for the practicing chiropractor, defining the roles of diet and lifestyle in the patient’s overall clinical picture. To provide the practicing chiropractor with a complete functional nutrition program, based on classical ideas of arterial and tract detoxification.

Bioterrain analysis and cancer
Toxic Load: total human exposure to poisons
Reflux Cure
Tilden’s principle of Vicarious Elimination
60 Day Program Systemic oxygenation
Leaky Gut
Collagen Production: organ integrity Free radicals and antioxidants
DNA alteration and metaplasia
Joint reconstruction
Functional colon physiology
Immunity and Probiotics
Genetic Modification defined
Complete Autism detox protocol
Cell membrane oxidation and repair
Mineral deficiency epidemic
Heavy metals and arterial plaque

“This program literally saved my life – so glad Dr Tim was there for me” — Dr W. Herstad, Seattle
“Wow – a CE seminar where you actually learn something – what a concept! Not only useful, but life-saving.”
– Dr Aaron Khem, NYC
“So much useful information, concise, astutely researched.” – Steve Alff, DC
“No fluff – scientific but not medical” – Dr C Medl, Manhattan Beach
“Nothing hyped or undocumented – the perfect complement to chiropractic” JC Milrod, DC
“Phenomenal job explaining intricate details of nutrition, health, and disease – The BEST CE seminar!”
– Dr Faith, Manhattan Beach
“You are right about pure blood; that is the key” – Ted H. Spence DDS

Doctors: $159
Students, General Public: $99


Register: 408 753 9830



Navigating the perilous waters of UK accreditation is not for the faint of heart, that much is certain. Last time it was a near miss, and it came to down mainly to issues of philosophy. That seemed to be the chief barrier from BCC being given the seal of approval from the GCC, UK licensing body.

For a little background on GCC, please see the newsletter of Nov 2015. The two sides of the discussion seem well apparent when the first time visitor to the campus witnesses the irrepressible effervescent chiropractic spirit evident throughout the classrooms and hallways all day long. That enthusiasm and desire for proficiency at vertebral adjusting is not something always observed at other schools on that side of the pond. Not surprising, what with the joint statement of May 2015 distancing 7 schools from any association with vertebral subluxation and traditional chiropractic principles.

What’s it to be, then? What future is there for chiropractic without the assessment and correction of subluxation? Seven signers, seven different interpretations. Once you take the defining principle out of a 100 year old profession, pretty much the sky’s the limit. Chiropractic can be what anybody says it is, on any given day. And they can invent whatever services they want for patients, and call it chiropractic.

Barcelona CC sees no need to fish around for something else. They know what any DC who has ever been successful in practice anywhere knows empirically and without question: that patients will come to the office that provides a specific service that can be obtained nowhere else, by no other provider. A definite and consistent service: adjusted vertebrae. The graduates of this excellent school are already walking successes, irrespective of the shifting winds of political expediency.

Even without accreditation, BCC graduates are allowed to practice chiropractic in unregulated countries, of which there are many. But of course it is more desirable for any to school to be accredited by the governing body of its region. And BCC once again is doing everything they can to jump through all necessary hoops, and still try to maintain a modicum of chiropractic ‘s essential legacy and power.

Although they are muddling through, enrollment is not at its peak in this transitional period. Any donations therefore at this critical time would doubtless be making a vital contribution to the future of the profession. For more information, please contact Dr Adrian Wenban ….



Every year I try to travel to some place I’ve never been before. Internet travel information is unreliable by definition, so there’s really no alternative – you have to show up. Having seen many parts of Asia over the years, I am always on the lookout for something that hasn’t been completely overrun by the marauding balloon people, with their gold cards and go-pros. Shoe leather technique paid off once more and I landed at BoPhut Beach, on the north shore of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Siam. Fisherman’s Village is an odd name for the location – an English name for a Thai resort with primarily French tourists.

Although it’s new to me, somebody has obviously put a lot of thought into this place over the years.

In case you don’t have Google images, Fisherman’s Village is a small, self-contained beach strip about a mile long which has a narrow little walking street that runs the length. Lined up all along it is a well-appointed collection of international restaurants, shops, bars, and small hotels, half of them opening up right onto the beach. A little touch of the trendy and upscale in evidence, but without the phony corporate designer shops hogging everything, like at the overdeveloped beaches everywhere. Yet here, the Thai authenticity is maintained throughout.

The cove is very tranquil as you look straight out across the water to the famous Koh Phagnan (Full Moon Party) and several other islands so close it seems like you can just reach out and touch them. It’s that jade green and turquoise sea so characteristic of SE Asia.

The beach itself is respectable enough, very clean and well kept, with a wide assortment of the usual water sports activities. What strikes you first is the polite and understated ambiance of the whole place – so quiet – none of the noxious bellowing of the world’s worst ‘music’ blaring from enormous sound systems coming out of every bar and restaurant to sedate the simian hordes, etc., de rigeuer now in most resorts in Asia. No place really rocks any more – rock is far too melodic and well-crafted a soundtrack for today’s harsh world. But Fisherman’s Village is an oasis from all that.

I kept changing hotels because I’d find an even better one. The last one was overlooking the beach itself up on the third floor.

A lot of families around – surprising the French would bring their kids on such a long flight, though France is closer than California. There are several unique nature venues here that continue to attract tourists from all over the world. Some very respectable elephant trekking is available near one of the jungle waterfalls.

For the more adventurous, another large cascade can be reached after a 2 km climb up the jungle footpath that parallels some spectacular descending rapids. Diving, boating, and many other water sports abound, but actually are not patronized much by the tourists. People mostly came to chill out and take the briefest few days of refuge from the world of election jabbering, terrorist wine selection proposal du jour, environmental disaster cover-ups, the trendiest new entitlement bills, and so on.

The cuisine offered nightly – running the gamut from tasty street vendor fare to fine international dining – continues to delight tourists from all over the world. Not the best place to be doing a 10 day juice fast. I liked the one T shirt that read “The More You Weigh The Harder You Are To Kidnap.”

Here in the Village, there is a seminal interest in organic foods and healthy lifestyle, as evidenced by one of the newer resorts, called Elysia. This little resort has its own organic garden out back, very nice rooms, and an atmosphere conducive to reflection and sharing of natural health disciplines. They also have a large presentation room available for holistic meetings, yoga, martial arts, etc, and other health seminars. A spectacular setting – sure beats the usual Comfort Inn meeting room. Look for a CE seminar from thedoctorwithin here next year!

Another positive feature of this place involves dogs – community dogs. There are any number of very large dogs walking around all over the place that don’t seem to belong to anyone in particular. They’re all very clean and well fed, and rarely fight among themselves. These dogs are not threatening or aggressive. They’ll allow you to pet them, but they don’t invite it. They stroll casually down the streets and will lie down at the entrance to whatever bar or restaurant. The tourists and the locals feed them, and they’re all over the place. Very evolved society.

Departing tourists are sad to leave the island, as they head back to their individual maelstroms in Bangkok, Saigon, Paris, or LA, etc. But at least they got a brief glimpse of what life without stress could be like, and recharged their power supplies.



Wow. Somebody making sense on Fox news? I must be high. Speed dialing through the hotel’s multilingual trash channels, paused on the only one in English, and there he was. Charles Koch. Never heard of him. What made me stay on the channel longer than 3 seconds was that the mandatory bubbleheaded bleached blonde interviewer with the $5000 shoes was being very deferential and not interrupting this guest every 2 seconds the way most do, even though it took time for him to compose his thoughts. Hang on…

The man was making an inordinate amount of sense for someone being interviewed on a major news channel. Wow, who is this old guy in the Bermuda shorts, and why are they indulging him like this? Intriguing. But then when the interviewer read a question off her Ipad about him being trashed by Obama and some bloviating senator, I was hooked. I’m paying attention now. Obama and corporate media taking the trouble to systematically demonize someone? – hmm, this might not be the usual scripted FOXwash.

As the blonde automaton would read him the questions, it was clear she didn’t understand the very dialog she was initiating, showing the requisite lack of affect of a TV newsreader. Then the figure $43 billion came up when she had to ask the vulgar question about his net worth that her handlers had put on the Ipad. But Charles was unflappable and kind of shrugged it off, giving it the indifference it deserved. As if to say – you’ve got me here on national TV and this is the best question you can come up with – how much I’m worth? In case anybody forgot the calibre of a FOX newscast.

And then the Ipad reader tried to bait Charles further and get him to place himself in one of the pigeonholes that she and pop media are required to assign everyone – are you a liberal or conservative? Yawn. Because that leads to the next even more vulgar question – which candidate are you supporting…? Double yawn.

But Charles just sat there unoffended, answering these intentionally provocative and insulting questions very simply and matter of factly, like they were discussing the weather – No I don’t support a candidate right now. I’m not very much interested in politics because I don’t believe that’s where the solutions to today’s problems are going to come from. The Republicans seem to be headed for disaster at 70 miles per hour, and the Democrats at 100 mph….

He handled the pigeonhole question by describing himself as a classical liberal, which meant he was in favor of helping individuals learn to provide for their own needs and live the best life possible… something like that. Which unspooled her altogether, too confused now to figure out how she could twist it around to make him sound like he was a member of one team or other…. In over her head, she was left with only one response: read the next question.

So I guess all this meant that this guy was some famous conservative labeled and targeted by the pop narrative as being inappropriately unenthusiastic on entitlement type of issues, or on keeping the gates of American wide open to anyone bent on her destruction, or whatever. Which would mean this guy’s life’s work would be completely overlooked by pop media, because non-Democrats are only allowed to exist in media as one static unchanging personality – whatever the label assigned him at the outset. He was that player on their chessboard till the end of time, no matter what.

Then they cut away a few times to a post production clip of the kewpie doll explaining what Koch was really saying, in case the geniuses tuning in could see just how they, as faithful Democrats or RINOs, should be offended. Or is it faithful liberals, I forget. The two party system, what a joke.

This was like a freshman in college evaluating a world class PhD instructor on her first day of college, and pointing out his shortcomings and inadequacies… moronic. Fox news is so insipidly formulaic. But to their credit at least they had the guy on and didn’t interrupt him.

Ultimately their ploy backfired on them however, because unlike them, Koch was genuinely articulate and clear minded about his life’s work and his philosophy of ethics. He actually stood for something with his life, and knew what that was.

Guess now I’ll have to read his book and find out what he’s really done.

But hey, we really can’t fault FOX too harshly – they followed up with a clip of Blue Oyster Cult playing to a crowd of about 75 people in a parking lot somewhere in New York City, displaying a level of musicianship all but banned now from network TV.



Since it was first approved in 2007, HPV vaccine has always been surrounded by a flood of controversy. A vaccine for cancer? The scientific premise offered to justify the vaccine’s necessity is too far fetched to stand up to even the most casual scrutiny.

But since the vast majority of the population blindly accepts the accounts of their doctor regarding Gardasil, there is no scrutiny. Most are willing to make virtually any leap of faith in accepting new vaccines, in absence of any supportable science. Until something happens, that is: the daughter is permanently damaged.

Merck’s billion $ Gardasil has become a standard injection for 9 years now in the vaccine Schedules of the US, Asia, and Europe. for essential background information on the absence of verifiable science behind Gardasil, see HPV: The First Cancer Vaccine .

A new documentary just came out of Ireland, and it is most compelling. No parents should let their daughters be vaccinated with HPV vaccine without seeing this 45 minute reality check.

REGRET, an organization of outraged mothers in Ireland is now getting TV and radio coverage that is going viral. Over 150 of their daughters have been severely injured immediately following the Gardasil shot. They were the recent subject of a documentary that was made by a prestigious filmmaker called simply TV3 HPV Documentary

TV3 Ireland: HPV Vaccine Documentary

If you have any 11 or 12 year olds, stop reading now and watch the whole thing – not even kidding.

It’s a compelling glimpse at a whole decade of Gardasil vaccine. What holds your interest is the story each of the girls is telling – it’s the same story, over and over. The mothers corroborate by telling their identical stories of rejection by doctors and politicians, who have all rotely recited the same predictable mantra/denial of any connection with vaccines. Paul Offit has several analogues in Ireland, every bit as condescending and serpentine.

Officials there are floating some flimsy rationales. They even invented 2 brand new syndromes to explain the condition of these injured girls: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which were tailor-made to categorize these new cases. And then they proceed to deny any possible connection with Gardasil, without the slightest new clinical testing to verify that.

Sound familiar?

The systematic blackout policy of world media excluding hundreds of documented injuries and reactions from Gardasil in countries all over the world demonstrates the raw power that a global monolith like Merck can exert. This control has not been enough however to silence the growing number of dramatic reactions and injuries among 12 years olds all over the world. Organizing in several websites, the potential of this experimental injection can no longer be hidden.

To enhance the coverup, the Merck-funded Vaccine Confidence Project paid its top writer to write a creative essay floating the preposterous idea that these 150 Irish girls are the victims of an internationally contagious psychogenic illness, caused not by the vaccine but by the Internet! This is more extreme than even Merck itself, who admits the possibility of such reactions to Gardasil in 2.3% of cases. Quite a substantial figure in light of the millions of doses that have been administered.

The author of this desperate fictional essay, Heidi Larsen, invented a new term in vaccine mythology: vaccine hesitant. This Orwellian term is meant to refer to anyone who has the audacity to doubt any of the scripted vaccine dogma propounded by any government health agencies. Psychogenic, and vaccine hesitant! Edward L Bernays will never die.

Many countries have formed organizations of parents with injured children who are demanding answers instead of slogans – where is the science behind the vaccine, and stop pretending all these children were damaged by something else and not Gardasil. Spain, France, New Zealand, Japan, India, several countries in South America, have now joined Ireland and the US in the fight against being finessed by irresponsible government policies.

The common mantra used by all health agencies to answer these informed parents is that there is no causal link between the injuries and the vaccine, blah ,blah. But despite the concerted efforts of health agencies in all those countries to refuse to fund even one study investigating the possibility of injury, such a claim is flatly untrue. Merck’s entry in the PDR for Gardasil lists all such neurological effects and symptoms as possible consequences of the vaccine.

An article appeared last month that should be on the front page of every newspaper in the world. We make it a policy not to quote unsigned articles from websearches. But the Irish mothers group called Thinking Moms Revolution wrote the piece called Is This the Beginning of the End for Gardasil. Very well documented summary and update of the global Gardasil picture.

If you have any young daughters, check it out. Take some responsibility.


WithSB277 coming into force, you won’t be able to have an MD sign your philosophical exemption any more. But it’s not until July of 2016 that it goes into effect, not Jan 1, as many schools are claiming. Here’s the proof: this letter from California Dept of Public Health stating exactly that: SB277 goes into effect July 2016

Read it!

So that means that legally any school right now must still accept the personal beliefs exemption form that has been in effect the past 3 years, as long as it is cosigned by an MD. Any school who refuses to accept such a form is in violation of the law.

The only real issue here is enforcement. Sacramento can pass any laws they want, but if the schools don’t enforce them, the law has no teeth. This role of enforcer is being resented by many schools today, as it finally dawns on them that with California’s new draconian vaccine laws, the schools have been involuntarily pressed into service as enforcer. Many schools refuse to do it, or simply ignore the law altogether.

Many schools are still accepting the old personal beliefs exemption that is only signed by the parent.

But other schools, run by the truly clueless, are pretending that SB277 is already in effect, and demanding that all children be vaccinated now, unless they are in possession of the golden passport: the medical exemption. Still other schools have never even heard of medical exemptions and are illegally requiring all children to be vaccinated, without exemption.

So the informed parents of unvaccinated children have to fight vigilantly to maintain their child’s pristine health, unpolluted by the whims of political expediency. Parents must know the above laws and immediately send out a certified letter to the Legal Department of any school who thinks they can make up their own laws.

See Letters:


Most reliable vaccine manual for new parents:
fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization



This is not a reprint of the third edition, which was recently sold out, but rather a complete re-write.
Here are some of the topics covered in the new edition:
– the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
– why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
– reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
– the science behind individual vaccines
– much more
210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.
Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages
The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, fourth edition:

“This fourth edition brings us up to date on events of the past year.

The number of vaccines mandated to US children today follows the exponential rise in global population. In 1974 when world population was at 4 billion, US children were being scheduled for less than 20 vaccines. With world population now at 7 billion, the recommended childhood vaccines in the US have more than tripled, with the current figure at 69.

Objective investigation finds little scientific justification for this alarming increase. No valid authorities are claiming that the health of American children, by any verifiable index, is anything but appalling, and declining still further. And no matter how they spin it, no one can prove that the increasing number of vaccines has slowed that overall decline one iota.

Making one’s way through the research in this field, one is continually struck by the endless errors, inconsistency, outright misrepresentation and sheer hubris found throughout the most prestigious sources of mainstream science, particularly in the publications and FAQs of the CDC, FDA, and NIH.
In so many instances, it seems clear that their prime objective may not always be presenting the truth, but offering a validation for their own position and power – the eternal raison d’etre of the career bureaucrat.

No child is born with an intact immune system. During the first 2 years of life the immune system is trying desperately to organize. Despite extravagant claims by the medical community, how that immune system is actually assembled by the body is still largely unknown. What is known for certain is that subjecting the infant’s immune environment to an array of manmade pathogens, preservatives, and adjuvants absolutely can have a detrimental effect on the formation of that child’s brain and nervous system. All scientists – including the vaccine manufacturers – admit as much.

If Nature itself has gone to such extraordinary lengths to protect the blood of the child from outside invasion, can we presume to do any less?


“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
– Dr Tim Young

Vaccination Is Not Immunization


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