Vaccine Lecture – Wales, England

A Friday evening lecture

Dr Tim O’Shea
author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization
23 Sept 2016 . . . . . 6:30 pm


Get straight answers to all your questions about your kids’ vaccines. Once and for all.

A brief overview of the genuine science behind vaccines, generally banned from mainstream media, and forbidden in university coursework. Learn what the scientists who formulate vaccines report about the ingredients, side effects, efficacy, and toxicity.

Parents’ most important decision today is whether or not to vaccinate. The only seminar anywhere that explores the details of the vaccine injury – economics, laws, biochemistry, toxicology, and immunology.

    – what’s really in vaccines: pathogens, adjuvants, excipients
    – mercury and aluminum
    – polio, DPT, Gardasil
    – newborns: the unmodified immune system
    – Germ Theory of disease
    – the Unvaccinated: media’s newest target
    – medical freedom: the battle for exemptions
    – complete vaccine detox protocol
    – excerpts from Vaxxed: the movie they don’t want you to see

Come and listen to a review of the science that most doctors are afraid to even talk about. And none will dare debate.

“Perhaps the most important book since the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young
“You saved my children by writing this book… changed my whole mindset about disease and vaccines…” – Dr LC
“A careful collection of irrefutable facts. ” – Hans Raible, Esq.
“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools, and decisively more balanced ” – David Ayoub, MD
“ the most provocative, well- researched, fact filled, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines …read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Billy D, DCS
“Simply the best and most accessible deconstruction on vaccines I’ve read” – Anthony J. Maniotis PhD
“Should be required by all doctors of every persuasion. ” – Dr M. Morris, AZ
“Bulletproof.” – Dr Mark Cymerint, Orange County

Lecture location: Benny Matthew DC clinic
36 W. Bute St
Cardiff, Wales UK

More info / To register:
02920 451 603 or