Gainesville Georgia, 29-30 October, 2016
8AM- 6 PM

A two day multidisciplinary event in fundamental issues of nutrition and non-drug protocols that enhance natural health, referenced to the most current sources. Some of the most qualified presenters in the field will make their individual contributions:

The experts will hail from a variety of disciplines: medical, chiropractic, dental, nutritional, including:

    Dr Lisa Jue
    Dr Neil Schulman
    Dr Tim O’Shea
    Dr Lorie Stevens
    Dr Susan Silberstein
    Dr Luis Romero
    Dr Linda Isaacs
    Dr Charles Whitfield
    Robert Scott Bell
    Ty Bollinger, and more.


  • Contrasting mainstream with holistic approaches to cancer
  • Defining the mechanistic vs. vitalistic paradigm: Primum non nocere
  • Nutrition at the cellular level: the bioterrain and internal milieu
  • To contrast the pharmacological to the nutritional support philosophy for restoring health
  • The holistic vs. mainstream approach to cancer: a review of the literature
  • Exploring the role of enzymes in the treatment of cancer
  • A medical look at traditional Chinese herbology for cancer treatment
  • The root canal controversy in modern dentistry
  • A discussion of bio-identical hormone supplementation
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Effect on the Immune System
  • Separating myth from fact in today’s confusing world of magic bullets

Come and listen to today’s most up to date ideas from doctors in the trenches, who focus on treating the patient, not the disease. There is nothing like this synergy of methods being presented anywhere in the world. The lectures heard in this two-day event will undoubtedly save the attendee months of research time.

For patients, if you haven’t heard these ideas, don’t say you’ve “tried everything.”

APPROVED FOR 12 HOURS CE CREDIT in Georgia, California and other areas

Location: 2001 Riverside Drive, Gainesville

More information: – – 915.307.1055

Or to register: Kim 678.617.3884 –